Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Growing up and moving on...

It's been a while but I've inspired by some followers (whoever you may be?) to have a bash at another post. We've had a bit of a 5 year anniversary here at the Jelly Jam HQ. September has been busy with new schools to start and I hunted out this picture of the oldest Jammer on her first day at school five years ago.

Five years on and she's moved up a school and the smallest Jammer is just starting out too! It's frightening how quickly the the nervous looking child above has grown into a confident and independent young girl. I'm just imagining the same scene in another five years!

It's also five years ago this month since we moved into our quirky pink house. Sadly 'Pinky' does not offer the garage/workshop we so desperately need for furniture nor the grass the Jammers 'need' for the much wanted guinea pigs. So up for sale it went and was snapped up by some ****er from London. "Hurray" we all thought as we found something else (not as quirky but it hey it ticked all the boxes). Mr London was prepared to wait for our vendors to find their house and in my head I redecorated our future home. How silly was I? Good news last week - the chain was complete! But where was Mr London? Did he return the agent's calls? Did he answer texts? Did he listen to his wife who said he'd call back? NO NO NO! Did he still want our house we wondered? Of course he didn't!
So here we go again...
We mustn't complain, the house is fab and we're lucky to live here. I thought I'd share some pictures of 'then and now' just to remind myself what Mr London is could have had wherever he may be!

Note the tidiness is not at all normal. One of the things that is most annoying for a clutter queen like me is having to tidy everything away (into the van, the car, the shed...) ready for viewings.

It does make me smile whenever I return home! You don't know what you're missing out on Mr London.
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