Saturday, 31 March 2012

Holiday pottering

 Today it's just been me and the little jammers. First day of the holiday, I thought. Where shall I take them? But no, they had their own ideas...

Ideas of the 'I shall probably be bossy teacher like mum when I grow up' variety.
 Do you like the way she's typed it because I banned from the computer for a couple of days?!
 Littlest Jammer got into tearing paper... without any help thank you very much.
 She's on a roll after winning the school Easter colouring competition yesterday!
There's a crafty and creative winner behind that prize!
 How much fun can one little jammer have with some packaging?
So I got decorating before it's all over.
Love these vintage flocked creatures.

 The hare that guards the golden egg!
 Finally the fridge has sprung back to life courtesy of some yellow stuff snaffled from the garden of a derelict bungalow next to my dad's!
Perhaps we'll go out tomorrow...

Hectic and Eldest Jammer are just warming up for Earth Hour. Lights out in 20 minutes.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Blue skies in Dorset

Lovely blue skies here in Dorset this weekend!
We trooped off to Swanage for a walk at Durlston Country Park.
Sadly didn't spot any dolphins but did find a lizard enjoying the sun too!
Stunning views.
The little jammers liked the sound of the Tilly Whim Caves (such a fab name!) but unfortunately they haven't been accessible since the 1970s. They are in fact disused quarries.
We finished up at the stone Globe. Take a look at this Flickr page for pictures of its construction in 1887.
Just time for a coffee and cake in the smart new cafe in the castle.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Time snatched

On my coat yesterday I wore the blue birds brooch from my friend Caroline.
But for the first time this year I was too hot - hurrah!
child free
eating pub lunches
admiring chimneys
being cheered by a bucket tree
 ogling cottages
and door colours
loving the windows
 and walking to here
favourite colours
stomping up the hill for a view
and then down to
savouring the sea smell
and finishing with a sneaky ices before the school run
Not bad for a 3 hour gap in the day!
Have a sunny weekend

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mad March Making

Remember this?
Back in Half-term I made this bag for Littlest Jammer to give to a friend for her birthday. I promised I'd make some more but hadn't got on with it.
However, today was a dedicated day off. A day of bag making!
Cat bag RESERVED thank you
 I also topped up the cushion department. I'm loving the duckling fabric so much!
Racing car cushion SOLD thank you
And, as Easter is galloping towards us, some more blankety buns like Hannah's!
Both SOLD thank you but will be making more!
Now it's all stacked up in the hall waiting to go to the shop tomorrow.
Do you like the cute rocker. Shame I haven't got anyone to fit in it.
Might try and squeeze a bit more making in tomorrow too!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hand made!

Ha! Bet no one else had cakes like this.
Hope all you mums had a lovely day!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Has it finally sprung?

Yesterday Little Jam took Emily Button on a 'Spring Outing'. Emily had enjoyed her trip in Tintin so much she wondered where else he'd take her. Somewhere to dance in the bandstand maybe?
 No coincidence that there was a vintage bazaar on too but bizarre was more the term to describe it! "When did laptops and Dysons become vintage?.." Emily pondered on the bridge.

 The little jammers were delighted to see the pond in the park jelly-jam-packed full of frogspawn. Not a plant in sight mind you so I guess there'll be a lot of cannibalism going on!
With the sun on our backs we enjoyed more springiness...
Emily was pleased to take a seat, of a peculiar kind, at the Town Mill Bakery.
Always easily bribed by a cake.
or three!
Don't know where she gets it from?
Truly her mother's daughter.
Rubbishy photo of the bakery just to lead you to this...

They are currently displayed in their respective shop windows.
The jammers favourite shop where a new jigsaw was purchased.
 And a new one for me.
 Butterfly Bright is run by a woman after my own heart. She keeps her buttons in colour coordinated jars, well who wouldn't!
 Only a mini purchase for me but I shall be back when I'm running low on ribbons.
Take a look at their website for workshops.
At home someone else was enjoying the sun.
And finally on the fridge this week...
Have a lovely week. A busy one here with late nights at work, an MOT and a two day course! Promise to catch up with your blogs by the end of it all - it'll be some light relief!
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