Friday, 29 March 2013

A busy 10 days making

Goodness, I hadn't realised my last post was 10 days ago! I feel a bit out of the bloggy world and will be catching up with your news over the weekend. Work and Jelly Jam have both been busy as we hurtled towards the end of term and Easter.
Those of you who found Jelly Jam's Facebook page will have seen (and purchased) some of these things already - sorry for the repetition!
These mini tote bags are just right for collecting Easter eggs and caused quite a stir. I had to whip up a few more to keep everyone happy!
 The baby animal fabrics were disappearing at full speed through the sewing machine and coming out as cushions as well!
These are two of my most favourite fabrics. I'm now right out of the duckling print. I always hate using the last bit of a vintage fabric in case I never see it again! I've kept a cushion for home and I think might have to make sure I hang on to one of these too.
Easter wouldn't be Easter without some blankety bunnies and I was really pleased when I realised one I posted off was heading to a blogger's home!
As well as sewing there has been some spraying going on. Not my idea but pinched from numerous blogs where I've seen these jars now. They've been a top seller so much so that when the girls at Custard Hall told me there were only three left last night I resorted to looking through the fridge and tipping screws and tacks into other containers in my quest for more small jars! A lovely cream set emerged this morning only for me to discover nowhere in town has any mini eggs left. Oh well I shall be ahead of myself next Easter.
Whilst the paint was out this swan got the same treatment. I rather like it.
 I've tried to make the shop look as pretty and Eastery as possible...'ll spot a few of my makes and some of the china I potted up on this shelf. I don't know who makes the birds but they look great altogether.
 Meanwhile this is my unit upstairs.
Happy Easter to you all. I'm looking forward to popping by your places in the next few days!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

4 Happy Things Swap

Last week I returned home to a parcel. A big parcel with surprises for me.
As you can see I wasted no time in ripping it open, still in my coat and scarf!
I signed up for Bobo Bun's Four Happy Things Swap a while back and was lucky enough to be paired with Claire from Thriftwood.
 Here's what arrived... beautifully wrapped goodies with their own tags based on the Four Happy Things themes.
Claire sent me...
My favourite colour - soap in a tin and a pretty tea towel.
Handmade - crocheted corsages. I'm envious of anyone who can whip up lovely things like this and they went straight on my jackets.
Childhood - Cadbury mug and chocs that took me back a bit. I'd forgotten Munchies and Caramac but am still partial to a Double Decker.
Vintage - pudding spoons wrapped in a doilie.
I sent Claire
Her favourite colour - Acorn & Will brooch
Handmade - lavender heart
Childhood - Jar of rhubarb and custard sweets with a greetings card
Vintage - brooch pillow made from vintage fabric and doilie
I loved putting this together and receiving. This is the third swap I've taken part in and they've all been such fun.
Thank you Claire for being such a thoughtful partner and thank you Lisa for coming up with such a fab idea and pairing up the hoards that took part.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Eastery stock

It was a slow walk to Custard Hall this morning to drop off a couple of furry friends. How many old toys does a girl need? Anyway they're there for now and sporting new velvet ribbons...
Meet Lamb
 and Bunny.
Poor Bunny was ear and eyeless when I got her in a box of old toys. Finally I've got round to fixing her up with old Laura Ashley fabric ears backed in wool and some fresh eyes so she can see how lovely she looks. I wonder how I knew she was a rabbit?
The spring fabrics have been out in abundance this week.
I've been making some spring stock for my shelves. I know I said no more cushions but then I sold some more so really I'm just topping up.
I love these mischievous ducklings.
This is a different fabric I'd not seen before. I bought it from Donna at Trull a few weeks ago.
This cute pink one is backed in a vintage wool blanket.
 The ever popular yellow farm animals fabric. I've lost track of how much I've made from this. I had metres of it all unused but now it's running low... 
Find them on my etsy shelves or at Custard Hall.
 Tagged and ready to go...

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Poor Noddy!

A week or two ago I promised you a peek at some more of my vintage toys. I'm beginning to regret that.
Well I made a Noddy cushion for a customer in Japan and thought "hey I've got a Noddy rag doll I'll get him out for the photo..."
Poor Noddy! In a box under the bed for ages and look what had happened to him. that'll teach me for forgetting about him.
Sunday morning was spent doing some unplanned cosmetic surgery and a serious clothes wash!
I was too nervous to wash the boy himself as I fear he may fall apart or lose his face.
So here we are. A grubby Noddy, gently stuffed with clean clothes.
I think he just needs a bell on his hat to finish him off.
Now where are those other toys?...

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Funny old week

 It's been a funny old week...
 Said a formal goodbye to my grandad. In reality we lost him six years ago when he no longer knew who we were.
Loving him on the beach with his pipe and daughters!
 and with a great grand daughter.
Textile delights in North Cadbury yesterday...
Lots of stalls to browse and bloggers to catch up with.
Beginning to wish I'd taken home those little green lampshades with me.
Lots of lovely things on the same stall. I often buy from this lovely lady.
 The plus side of a funeral meant a catch up family. My sister came from Amsterdam so the little jammers have made the most of some quality auntie time. A river walk whilst the sun tried to shine and some nosing into other peoples gardens.

ending up at a pub with some familiar girls!
Not much making time. A couple of customer orders including this blankety bunny pictured on some of my new fabric.
It's got me in the mood for some Spring making so out came the baby animal fabrics. hopefully some cute ta-dah pictures to share with you later in the week.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Emily Button in Haberdashery Heaven and a new coat

Emily Button has a fine new coat and wanted to show you. Can you guess what she's stood in front of?
Peter Wilson's golden postbox in Sherborne Dorset.
 Emily had been looking for an opportunity to show off her newest item of clothing so took the opportunity to accompany the granny on a hosital visiting session.
Do you like her wool coat? - green of course! It's been much admired by her friends Vanilla and Dolly. They're a little green eyed at the moment.
Emily's a pretty smart doll and knew a trip to Sherborne meant a trip to Butterfly Bright; home of her favourite thing - buttons!
Emily in button heaven.
Emily spotted the ricrac and wondered if she'd walked into the hairdressers by mistake.
Extensions Emily? Change of colour?
Emily picked up a few buttons and trims to take home in the hope that if she leaves them out, like the Shoemaker did in the story, the Elves will transform them into more coats for her friends during the night. She knows that's when most sewing takes place round here.
Now all that shopping meant one thing - cake!
Another trip to The lovely Bakery Cafe but the wooden cake just didn't cut it.
Bring on the Rocky Road!
PS Today the grandad came home. I think we'll miss the trips to BB and the cafe but not the hospital! 

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