Thursday, 14 March 2013

Poor Noddy!

A week or two ago I promised you a peek at some more of my vintage toys. I'm beginning to regret that.
Well I made a Noddy cushion for a customer in Japan and thought "hey I've got a Noddy rag doll I'll get him out for the photo..."
Poor Noddy! In a box under the bed for ages and look what had happened to him. that'll teach me for forgetting about him.
Sunday morning was spent doing some unplanned cosmetic surgery and a serious clothes wash!
I was too nervous to wash the boy himself as I fear he may fall apart or lose his face.
So here we are. A grubby Noddy, gently stuffed with clean clothes.
I think he just needs a bell on his hat to finish him off.
Now where are those other toys?...


  1. Oh he's lovely- thank goodness you found him! Where are those other toys........can't wait to see them! X

  2. I agree with Vanilla Squirrel - show us more toys!

  3. What an absolute treasure Ellie. You did good for Noddy's appearance in the photo with the cushion. I wonder how old he is? I found an old Noddy book the other day and it tickled me pink reading it reminding me of my childhood and how real he was tome then. xox Thanks for your lovely comment on my recent post. I must tell you that your cushion is very well loved on our couch...I have given Alice and Andy permission to use it now :o) x Penny

  4. Hello Ellie, I think I have just the bell ...would you like it? if you don't have one? I'd love for noddy to have it, its old and tarnished and would suit him well....i'm afraid it has lost its jangle though :-(
    let me know if Noddy would like it...send me your address and I'll pop it in the post
    love Sophie x

  5. Well you've done a great job there Ellie, however you could have saved his modesty in that first picture! Good job Big Ears didn't see it, can you imagine the scandal!!! Have a great weekend! :) x

  6. He is just adorable and the cushion is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Just found your lovely blog and seeing Noddy, felt I had to leave a comment. I'm glad he survived the surgery. I'm sure he could be dated by the stuffing alone.

  8. Bless him and his tinkle-less hat! I love the cushion too!

  9. Just found you and glad to be on board. Poor Noddy - but still he smiles, no matter the injury!

  10. Well he might be grubby but he looks very smart in his clean clothes. Maybe a sponge bath and some febreeze?

    Gillian x

  11. Oh! I love Noddy!!! Look at him!! After all this time he's still a smiling-happy little boy!! Big Ears would still have recognized him before his make-over!!Any idea how old he might be and who made him?

  12. G,day Just love your blog and all your lovely work, I just love vintage toys and all the beautiful fabrics you use, read all your posts.


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