Friday, 20 May 2011

She's a stunner!

My latest bed is definitely a girl's bed. When I bought her she was looking decidedly sorry for herself. Grey paint peeling and propped up against the wall of an auction room I knew she had potential! But then the big decision - what colour? I ummed and aahed for ages and then plumped for Light Admiralty Grey which is actually a rather lovely Duck Egg colour. All day I pondered... but then when I went to collect her and she was stood in the sun fresh out of the oven I knew I'd got it right! She really is a stunner and even comes with a specially shaped sprung mattress to fit.

I finally finished sewing all the buttons on my farmyard quilt. I went to take a photo of it with the matching cushions and bunting only to find the cushions and bunting had just sold! I met the customer coming out of the centre. She restores shepherd's huts and was doing a photo shoot for Country Life the following day. She'd bought several cushions and bunting from me to use as props so perhaps one day they'll be famous.

Cushions have been my best seller this month so I topped up with some more Showjumping ones.
Meanwhile this chest of drawers had a transformation courtesy of Farrow & Ball's Skylight and some new knobs.

So did it's friend below but she only lasted 2 days and sold!
Loving vintage coloured glass this month!
And finally... a freshly covered Lloyd Loom ottoman with Cath Kidston gingham stripe top. Oh and more cushions...

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