Sunday, 27 February 2011

Finally we're here!

Well I thought it would never happen but ten months on and we've finally moved! Not to where we'd originally hoped, or the one after that, but to something completely different. A 1930's house that ticked all our boxes; garden for guinea pigs, more downstairs space, parking and a workshop. Sadly less character than 'Pinky' but we have anew addition...

...Dusty, who came with the house. Possibly the world's most expensive bantam! She has been a great distraction for the Jammers this week whilst we've set to work on their bedrooms.

She doesn't mind any of this kind of stuff.

Or this.

And follows us all about the garden! Welcome Dusty.

Meanwhile I had a stash of fabric with the Jammers name on it. Firstly, the eldest. She plumped for Sanderson's 1930's panda fabric. I'd collected quite a lot and although I think she'll outgrow it very quickly she loves it. 'Panderson' as it's known in our house was destined to be turned from this... this.

With a quick memo board, cushion and some mini curtains thrown in.

Such an odd print with the strange looking little boy and his panda friend getting up to all kind of antics.

The rest of the bedroom kept us busy with a paint and wallpaper job. Hopefully once she's outgrown 'Panderson' we can add in something a bit more grown up without having to redecorate. Not having wallpapered more than an alcove before we were under pressure as I'd booked carpet for the following morning and we began our two walls at 6pm! Eldest Jammer was delighted with the excuse to stay up late as her useless parents slowly worked their way round the room, wishing they'd started days ago... 10.40pm and she finally got into bed as we cleared up around her. Oh well, it is half term!

Doesn't look too bad for a first attempt. One whopping bubble that shows in daylight is causing me slight concern. Not sure how I'll get the whole strip off to replace it without wrecking the rest? Might have to live with it I think.

Anyway there was loads of wallpaper paste left and I'd just read Hen's blog and seen some fantastic paper mache creations from Julie Arkell. Eldest Jammer had a half term homework to create an Egyptian artefact so all inspired she typed up lots and lots of facts about pyramids and printed them out in interesting fonts. Mr Jam helped turn a packing box into a pyramid - just like that - and it was left for her to get pasting. Must admit I rather enjoyed helping. Took me back to my college days.

And here is the finished creation... still drying ready for school tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a taster of what's to come in the smallest Jammer's bedroom... Mmmm my favourite and my best!

Check back soon to see the whole room once I've finished sewing.
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