Saturday, 18 May 2013

A colourful fair tomorrow

 Let's hope the sun has got his hat on because hip, hip, hooray I've got a fair tomorrow.
I've not done one this year as all my 'spare' time has gone into replenishing Custard Hall but when a lovely lady rang and asked if I'd attend 'a bit of a Do' at Litton Cheney I thought it was about time.
I shall be packing up all sorts of vintage bits and bobs and have been busy making too. 
 I'm focusing on small things mainly under a £5 such as patchy hangers from vintage sheets
 Fridge magnet packs.
 Soaps wrapped in vintage wallpaper
 Good old fashioned sweetie jars
 And there will be T-shirts galore! These are appliqued with vintage sheets and finished with a crochet flower and colourful button.
Meanwhile at Custard Hall stock is selling quickly and I've decided I need to focus on the small stuff as my furniture and bigger items tend to go better at the antique centre. So, I've moved downstairs and have a 'new' old dresser to display my wares.
What do you think?
I'm just a bit addicted to utility china and it seems the good people of Dorchester are liking it too!
Do take a look if you're local or pop along to Litton Cheney's 'A Bit of a Do' tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Making resumed, vintage sheet style

After a little sewing machine break some new makes emerged with a bit of a vintage sheet theme...

Summery t-shirts for my little jammer and a couple of little Dutch girls I've not had the pleasure of meeting yet. I'm thinking of making up some more of these to sell as I'm attending a fair next weekend. What do you think?
Whilst the sheeting was being patchworked my eldest jammer to a shine to it and reminded me I'd promised to make her a new bag.
She's really enjoyed the Great British Sewing Bee on TV and wanted to assist.
She arranged the patches herself and chose a purple sheet to line it with.
Now this is the girl who lugs the heaviest rucksack to school each day and insists everything is essential. However all of a sudden she has been ruthless with the essentials and this pretty bag has been taken to school each day!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Take one roller skate.. (What happened when Emily Button wanted a scooter)

Remember these...
Well when I bought them they came with a couple of these...
 Duffers, destined for the bin, but wait a minute somebody has been saying for ages that Emily Button wants a scooter. In her book she has one made with cotton reels. Little Jam is always asking me to save them but I throw them away forget (because I've no idea about axels and all that stuff).
Hmmm. Could this be what I needed for wheels? In about two minutes I'd got carried away and in my head designed the most fantastic scooter for Emily and her friends. Trouble is sewing and pasting are my things. This looked like a dad kind of job. So I presented Mr Jam with a roller skate, a piece of old wood that came in a chest of drawers and knew hoped he'd go that extra mile for his littlest daughter.
 Little Jam and Emily were duly thrilled with the creation.
You might think it looks a little on the brown side and you'd be right. I had more plans in my head for a respray but no Little Jam likes it as it is which I guess is a bit of a relief.
 Emily's friends queued up for a ride including next door's cheeky cat!
 Now Miss Vanilla is looking on, her button eyes ever so slightly green...
there is one lonely roller skate left...

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