Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Last chance stockings

Just a quick reminder - only two days left to enter our giveaway (see post below). The little Jammers will be pulling a name from each stocking on Thursday night... will it be yours?
Eldest Jammer turned 11 this weekend and celebrated with an Italian cooking party - not one I'd have dreamt up when I was 11! Anyway they loved it and I'd do it again if only for the tiramisu they made (and I finished).

Happy Birthday Big Jam!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Stocking Heck - It's a Giveaway!

I've entered a couple of giveaways recently, much to the intrigue of my little jammers. Sadly we didn't win but they were quite taken with the idea of giving something away and more importantly pulling names out of hats. So...

... I'm having a bash at my first ever giveaway!
Up for grabs are two handmade stockings with mini pockets for last minute letters to Santa.

For the chance to win one you can
  1. Leave me a comment on this post (with contact details if you've not got a blog)
  2. Become a follower and leave me a comment to let me know it's your second entry
  3. Grab my button on the sidebar (clever me - hope it works) and post it on your blog. Again let me know for a third name in the hat.

Maximum 3 entries please.

In your comment you'll need to let me know which stocking you'd like

beige Cath Kidston Star trimmed in vintage Pussy Willow fabric

red 'plain dotty' Vanessa Arbuthnott trimmed in vintage racing car barkcloth fabric.

The little jammers will each be drawing a name on 1st December. Please have a go and let them have lots of entries to rummage through!

Yes, I'll post aywhere.

Good luck!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Lovely Day!

Sunday - a lovely day with our lovely friends

Badbury Rings

lovely children

and lovely food!

thank you C & D

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Much to our delight

I had a lovely surprise on Sunday morning, a surprise of the long eared visitor variety. I was loading the washing machine, glanced out of the kitchen doors and saw this lovely chap sitting in the middle of the lawn! I had to look twice to make sure but yes it really was a floppy bunny.
So with shoes put on in haste, we followed him down the garden to see how friendly he was. The answer was about as friendly as a rabbit can get! He let us stroke him and made himself at home in the vegetable bed whilst we ummed and aahed about what to do next...
It was obvious someone would be missing him as he was so tame but we dreamed about how someone might have left him for us, after all our garden is enclosed how could he have got in? We settled him into our old chicken run and went to pop leaflets through the neighbours doors.
We waited and waited and secretly hoped no one would call and that actually Father Christmas had delivered early. Even Mr Jam who had arrived home in the midst of the bunnymania was talking about where to put him at night and would he get on with the guinea pigs. Then a phonecall, a false alarm, the wrong rabbit, hurrah!
But finally she called.
The lovely lady who only lived two doors away who had been out and hadn't realised Jasper had gone visiting. 'No rush', we said but she came straight away with her little boy and carried him home!
Naughty Jasper, thanks for coming to visit. In fact, come again anytime...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ooohing and aaahing

Tonight was a first. Little Jammer's first go at sparklers!
As you can see they were very popular. Mr Jam has abandoned us for the weekend so I took the Jammers to the Rugby Club to see a firework display. They ooohed and aaahed until it was time to bring them home to hot water bottles. Now they're all tucked up and I'm busy collaging and listening to the bangs outside.
It's been a sewing machine free week, other than trying to fix a trainer which really doesn't count as fun at all! Now I've got to rustle up a mob cap for Little Jammer's school trip on Monday...

If you've got a minute why not pop over to Sew Sweet Violet's blog for a gorgeous giveaway. I'm in it to win it!

Happy Bonfire Night!
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