Thursday, 29 July 2010

Auction wins and losses!

I love the anticipation of phoning the auction houses to find out what we've won! There is the 'what if?' - we've won it all and can't afford it or the 'ok thanks' cheerful voice I put on when we've not won anything.
Well this week we had a few successes from my lengthy list. Sadly Little friend Constance wont be riding a Mobo Bronco on her 4th birthday, he reached £40. as for the 'must have' garden chairs... well my bid looked measly compared to the £160 they fetched. I needed one to sit down on when the lady told me!
However I am the delighted owner of the vintage showjumping fabric, some kitchenalia and a box of old games. We spent some enjoyabl;e time trying them all out (just to check the pieces were all there) before pricing them up for the shop this morning.

I love the illustrations on these Snap cards

And 'Happy Families of the World' reminded me my sister who lives in Amsterdam is coming to stay next week - hurray!

The shop is looking nice and full. Just need to make room to squeeze in a toybox and children's wardrobe..?

This evening I've been memo boarding. One in Moygashel's Market Day

...and just had to start on the freshly laundered Showjumping fabric. Very pleased with the result!!

Hmmm.... what to make next?
Pop back soon to see!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Another busy day

Today was a hectic day. First stop the auction house in Wareham. I've not been for ages as I'm usually working on a Monday and it didn't disappoint! The Jammers took a liking to this cute double desk. I've not seen a double one with a single lid before.

Delicious show jumping fabric that I think Cath Kidston must have modelled her similar design on!

Two 'must have' chairs for the garden we 'must get' soon!

And finally a classic Mobo I'm hoping to win for a friend's daughter's birthday next week! The smallest Jammer had had enough by this point and lunch was required...

Our favourite treat in Wareham is a bag of chips on the quay (and always a good bribe for traipsing round an auction).

Afterwards the Jammers fed the swans and cygnets - bread not chips - before we set off for a look in the pet shop. The Jammers eyed up some 'must have' guinea pigs for our 'must get' garden but we restrained ourselves and came home empty handed!

The afternoon saw a trip to the library and picking raspberries, courgettes and our first cucumbers.
Finally I put the last coat of paint on these two pieces of furniture ready to take them off to the shop tomorrow.

Only one Jammer with me tomorrow so maybe a quieter day...?

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bridport Vintage Market

Had a lovely day today. We took the Jammers to Bridport Vintage Market - boy we know how to show our kids a good time! Predictably I arrived fashionably late. Thought it started at 1pm so was pushing it a bit anyway to arrive at 12.30 only to find the place buzzing. Anyway we squeezed ourselves in at the end of a row and quickly attracted some lovely customers!

Here's some better pictures of the stall in between customers.

The Jammers were delighted to find a pizza van in situ and demolished a margherita in the back of the van.

Speaking of vehicles, this beauty was parked next to us and attracted many comments and photos throughout the afternoon.

Well, there goes my first post! Note to self - remember to take photos of everything! Off to view an auction tomorrow.
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