Monday, 26 July 2010

Another busy day

Today was a hectic day. First stop the auction house in Wareham. I've not been for ages as I'm usually working on a Monday and it didn't disappoint! The Jammers took a liking to this cute double desk. I've not seen a double one with a single lid before.

Delicious show jumping fabric that I think Cath Kidston must have modelled her similar design on!

Two 'must have' chairs for the garden we 'must get' soon!

And finally a classic Mobo I'm hoping to win for a friend's daughter's birthday next week! The smallest Jammer had had enough by this point and lunch was required...

Our favourite treat in Wareham is a bag of chips on the quay (and always a good bribe for traipsing round an auction).

Afterwards the Jammers fed the swans and cygnets - bread not chips - before we set off for a look in the pet shop. The Jammers eyed up some 'must have' guinea pigs for our 'must get' garden but we restrained ourselves and came home empty handed!

The afternoon saw a trip to the library and picking raspberries, courgettes and our first cucumbers.
Finally I put the last coat of paint on these two pieces of furniture ready to take them off to the shop tomorrow.

Only one Jammer with me tomorrow so maybe a quieter day...?

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