Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fog and furniture - a grey post!

An unusual combination but I was trying to think of a link for my painted furniture and the amazing landscape I saw yesterday morning!
 This week saw a couple of child free days, the first for ages, so I knuckled down to painting and waxing some furniture.
 I tried to balance the boring stuff that had to be done like visiting the optician with more fun stuff like cutting the lavender and doing a tour of the chazzas.
 I found this old school stool in a skip when I accompanied the jammers on a trip to the swimming pool. for me it was the highlight of the trip!
 All finished, it was delivered to the antique centre this afternoon along with...
 a rather unusual shaped airer
 and a lovely old pink painted playpen!
Now for the foggy moment...
yesterday morning we set off quite early (for us) for a day out and drove through lots of misty foggy stuff. As we went up a hill it suddenly disappeared, just like that. I loved this sight looking down into the valley where it was still foggy.
I looked to me like the the sea had crept inland and was frothing its way up the hills.
 Watch out,  here it comes!
 I've never seen it quite like that before. It reminded me of looking down on the clouds from an aeroplane, almost solid as if you could step out onto it... ok I'm getting carried away now.
Somewhere near Compton Abbas air field.
Have a lovely week, fingers crossed for more sun!


  1. hello lovely one! such a delightfully lovely post! i sat in sheer amazement at those foggy coastal pics! much beauty!...i love the furniture! beautiful pics x happy sunny week to you x

  2. The sea mist is coming to get you! stunning pictures, you have been busy, love your furniture
    Thea x

  3. Your furniture is gorgeous.I cant believe you found the stool in a skip!

  4. Lovely bits and bobs! I love the shape of the little table, and the play pen, lovely!
    I need to start painting! I've got printers trays, tables, chairs, cabinets, a cot.....the list goes on, I can no longer get in the shed! During the holidays the excuse was the girls would be in the way! Better get my paint brush out! Ada :)

  5. I'm just trying to think of why I NEED an old fashioned playpen.....hummmmm!!! Love it, perhaps I could pop all my old teddy bears inside!!!
    Lovely pictures as always
    Nattie x

  6. That little table is adorable. Lovely lavender too. That fog is incredible, it looks so creepy, the way it rolls in! Great photos. x

  7. Such a treat isn't it, having this last bit of gorgeous weather. Glad you managed to get some of your childfree jobs done. Lovely having them off, but a moment of peace is a good thing too isn't it.


  8. Hi Ellie, beautifull landscape and your furniture it is lovely, nice to see your photos and work.

  9. Well one thing was watching the two elderly couples who were 30 stone plus fall out of their holiday van. Not laughing until I saw the sticker on the window that said I love Line Dancing. Great mental image. See you dared me and I told you. Just didn't want to offend any big people.


  10. Beautiful misty photo's :) Your lavender did well, mine went months ok with the terrible weather! x

  11. Love the foggy photos though it is a bit creepy. As if the sea is trying to reclaim the land. Love the table and the pink playpen!

  12. Oh I love watching the mist roll in..your photos are lovely! Such wonderful pieces of furniture too...happy weekend to you.


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