Saturday, 29 September 2012

Thank you Emily Button!

Want to see what Emily Button is guarding?
 Patchwork cushions I've been making this week.
 All made from vintage sheets. Emily thinks they're pretty cool and would like a matching quilt for her own little bed but that will have to wait until next week or possibly Christmas.
 Meanwhile the cheeky doll tried out some blankety cushions for size...
 Nice and warm and snug for the onset of winter.
 A few weeks ago I had a lovely email from the people at Emily Button. They had been reading this little blog and wanted to send a thank you. My little jammers were delighted when not one but two parcels arrived, one each!
They each received a letter from Emily with a book, stickers, badges and gift wrap...
 ... a great cloth bag and best of all a Mousey!
Thank you very much Victoria. Sorry the bag's looking a bit crumpled, they've both been using them already!
Emily comes most places with us and is such a stylish prop with her pink ricrac hair. We had fun on her website using the webcam to dress up like Emily.
Hours of fun!


  1. As you will already know, I love the cushions! I have quite a few of those fabrics myself! The little goody bag is great, bet the girls were thrilled! Ada :)

  2. Wasnt that lovely to send both girls gifts! I can imagine how pleased they were!

  3. Your cushions are gorgeous, especially the blanket ones. They look so cosy and warm - and very pretty with their ribbon trim. x

  4. I love those blanket cushions just right for snuggling into on a cold Sunday afternoon. Lucey x

  5. How kind to send some goodies! Love your blanket cushions x

  6. i really loved this post- beautiful patchwork cushions and Emily Button- ive enjoyed your adventures x...the comments section on blogs seems to take an age to load (think its the borrowed older laptop im using- while i save to get mine fixed)...i type a message, like i have here twice and it vanishes into thin internety air , hope this works xx

  7. What an adorable post, she has been super busy....Have a great week!

  8. Such lovely, cheerful cushions! Those prints remind me of my 70s childhood, and the blanketty ones look so snuggly! Thanks for commenting on my blog, and glad to have found yours as a result!

  9. Love those cushions especially the blankety ones.

  10. Beautiful work! And I've never heard of Emily Button... I'm going to check her out! Hannah will flip!


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