Sunday, 29 April 2012

Introducing my guest bloggers!

Today's post is written by the jammers who have been dying to get on here. So I'm handing over to them, in all their own words...

As our mum was at a Bridport Vintage Fair last weekend we had a special treat for our Dad. We took him to Corfe Castle that was blown up hundreds of years ago!

As well as walking around there was a treasure hunt where you had to find sheilds with questions on.  However, we did have to go around again as we missed the first one!
One of us decided to dress up as knight.
Our Dad sent this photo to our mum as she was at the Bridport Vintage Fair.
We rolled down this massive hill but unfortunately we couldn't get our dad to roll down it!
When we got to the top of the castle there was an amazing view of the climb up to the top and the village of Corfe Castle.
Also, we could see the Steam Train from the top of the hill.
Next, our Dad decided I had been very naughty and put me the stocks!
Then my sister had been naughty; it was her turn in the stocks!
After that, we  peered through an arch window!
Once we had climbed all the way back down,we found this painting that you could put your faces in the holes and make you look like a soldier! My sister is looking really happy because at that moment she thought that we were having a pub lunch!
To end the lovely outing we went to a Sweet Shop, that was full of sugary treats!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The 100th one

My oh my, my 100th post!
What have I been whittering on about?
Well most recently the Bridport Vintage Fair, which was a great success on Saturday. It was lovely to meet some fellow bloggers. Thanks for introducing yourselves. So funny when you have no idea what someone will look like but have been reading their diary for ages. I wish I'd asked you wear a carnation or something! I met the lovely Julie from Aunt Jane's Attic for the first time as well as Safia from Honey.Bumble.
Talking of Safia she has some photos of the day on her blog. I'm hoping she doesn't mind me pinching the ones of my stall as I didn't take my camera!
 I hate having my photo taken so had to plump the lavender pillows to avoid a full on face shot.
Well once it was all over I thought I could either unpack the van or head for the coast. What a choice. We headed down to Burton Bradstock for the last few dry minutes of Sunday morning before this horrendous weather set in, for what looks like the week.

 Youngest Jammer learning how to skim stones.
 Emily Button came with us and bagged herself a boy, of sorts.
Anyway after 100 posts I've decided that once I hit 100 followers a giveaway will be the order of the day so watch this space...

Friday, 20 April 2012


Well, the van is packed and I'm all ready for Bridport Vintage Fair tomorrow.
Just a few very last minute makes that are coming with me.
 More cushions from vintage children's fabrics
 Baby blanket
 Do introduce yourself if you come along!
Just the alarm to set. It's an early one...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mid 20th Century fabric

I've been collecting mid 20th century fabrics for a while to make cushions for our living room. When I blogged about them they proved rather popular so I decided I could probably part with some of the stash...
 Today I made this batch to sell!
Why not take one home from the Bridport Vintage Fair on Saturday?
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Glorious Glass

Just packing up lots of lovely coloured glass pieces for Bridport Vintage Fair on Saturday.
Some of it is deco and it's all reasonably priced.
Come along and take your pick.
Photos of latest fabricy makes will follow on Thursday!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Utility china

Just pricing up some lovely pastel coloured utility china ready for Bridport Vintage Fair next Saturday. I'm loving all those colours on display together.
Woods Ware Beryl, Iris and Jasmine, Meakin Jade Glamour, Johnson Bros Greydawn, Goldendawn and Rosedawn. I will also be taking some crates containing tea and coffee sets.
Let me know if you're after anything in particular, I keep uncovering more of it!
There are some great photos of others collections on this Flickr page

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Easter Egg!

Indulge me please!
Yesterday we got incredibly excited about an Easter egg of a very special kind.
Nestling in it's own pink pod.
 Our very first bantam egg from one of our new girls. The ginger one we suspect.
 It was a miserable old day weather wise so the girls didn't get too much attention. They do seem happy though and hopefully the egg is proof of that.
I made myself knuckle down to a customer order for a quilt.
So pleased to have broken the back of it!
Today the little jammers are showing off the chickens to their friends.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Here come the girls...

It's been a year now since our short lived time as chicken owners. We inherited Dusty with our house last year, but sadly she vanished after only 3 months. It was however 3 months of sheer delight for the little jammers. How they loved it when they came home and she dashed up the garden to the kitchen door to greet them. How they shrieked when they discovered the cheeky girl in the living room. How they enjoyed carrying her around the garden on their shoulder. Poor old Dusty. One morning she was there, that afternoon she'd gone. As Little Jammer said "she was my favourite pet". Cover your ears Hectic, 15 years counts for nothing!
So, I've been looking at safer options than complete free range ever since. I've ogled the Eglus in all their pretty colours and added them to my Ebay watch list. As Easter crept nearer I was running out of time for my grand plan. It was time to be bolder, time to ask for a buy-it-now I could afford. Would you believe it, only second time of asking and luck was on my side! On Monday night I became the proud owner of a lovely posh super safe PINK Eglu. Thank you Tania (who turned out to be a customer from the vintage market)! 
One step closer. All I needed now were the bantams.
Courtesy of Jo at Dorset Traditional Poultry I was sorted.
The Eglu however took a little more sorting. Manoeuvring it from the van where it had been hidden and trying to build it in the dark proved infuriating. In the end the poor bantams had to spend the night in the spare guinea pig hutch and that is where the Little Jammers found heard them this morning! Their noise gave them away.
Still in PJs (and looking rather sleepy) they couldn't wait for a look.
15 minutes in daylight saw off the Eglu and the girls got to transport their girls down the garden.
"I'd like the smallest" said Little Jam.
That's a Silver Laced Wyandotte if you please.
Eldest Jammer plumped for the slate and gold Pekin
Leaving me with, you guessed it, the ginger one!
Or Buff Pekin as she prefers to be known.
Off they toddled to explore their new and very pink home.
Later we let them out for a spot of supervised exploring and I remembered all the chickeny habits they have...
Happy Easter Monday. Hope you're having a dry one?!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Feel like it should read Happy Eater at the moment!
Do you like my pop up eggs? Courtesy of Jackdaws in Bridport. They have oodles of lovely Easter decs.
I've lost track of how many batches of these Simnel Muffins we've knocked up in the past week or so. But hey we wont have them for a year...
'Happy Eater' to you all

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