Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Feel like it should read Happy Eater at the moment!
Do you like my pop up eggs? Courtesy of Jackdaws in Bridport. They have oodles of lovely Easter decs.
I've lost track of how many batches of these Simnel Muffins we've knocked up in the past week or so. But hey we wont have them for a year...
'Happy Eater' to you all


  1. catching up on Easter blogs- how delightful your Easter is- such beauty! and your lavender pillows on previous postings- beautiful- love the vintage materials and colours of spring...those cakeys looks absolutely scrummy!!!! x

  2. Happy Easter.....your eggs are lovely!

  3. Happy Easter... I think I may have to try the Simnel Muffins recipe they look decidedly yummy.xx

  4. Happy Easter to you too.Love the decorations X

  5. Your decs look great and your simnel muffins! Enjoy your Easter weekend :)


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