Sunday, 28 April 2013

Our neck of the woods

Well I think it might be safe to say it's finally sprung. Spring that is.
Last weekend my 'little' sister from Amsterdam came to stay with her boyfriend. A bit of sun gave us the perfect opportunity to show him our neck of the woods.
A drive to Lulworth Cove.
Followed by a bit of a walk
along the beautiful Jurassic coast
laughing at the crazy things people do
 until we arrived at Durdle Door.
It was even warm enough for the little jammers to have an icecream before setting off back past Man o War Bay.
 The beach at Lulworth Cove was where we were heading.
Pebbles needed collecting and sorting and arranging...
 until our tummies began to rumble. So back past the bucket and spade tree for a pub lunch.
Now the other reason for my sister's visit was a very important appointment...
4.30pm at the O2 Academy Bournemouth.
We mustn't be late, we must catch that train, we better not miss our stop... because James were waiting...
...for little old me and my sis. We watched the sound check feeling like we were about 18 again!
A horrible spot of tea in the nearest pub (best forgotten) and back for the main event
Echo and the Bunnymen to warm up then two solid hours of all our favourite songs.
 We sang, danced til our legs ached,
bought the t-shirt (yes really).
 For those of you checking in for some making news and just finding a load of pictures of a bald bloke - sorry!
Normal crafty blogging will resume next week.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Just a little bit nostalgic

Hands up who had one of these Fisher Price televisions?
My friend did and I loved it. She also had the Fisher Price record player. How I loved that too.
This month my little shop unit has taken on a toy theme. Not intentionally just a lot seem to have come my way recently.
 I love all the old boxes. 
 I'd never seen a Skedoodle before. It works on the same principle as Etch-a Sketch (which I did have and adored) but there is a joystick to doodle on the dome with.
A pair of telephones in their original box.
 My sporty corner was short lived as someone came and bought the lot in one go. I was pleased to have got the tennis bag as I bought an almost identical one last Autumn for my eldest Jammer's birthday. She doesn't carry such a vintage racquet in hers though!
 More childhood bits and bobs.
A whole host of books.
 This lot date from 1920 onwards
 I had a quick flick and became engrossed.
Back soon with some makes to share but a busy family weekend here.

Friday, 12 April 2013

If you know me, you'll know..

I shall struggle to part with these...
 All my favourite colours in lovely barkcloth.
Really I could keep them and they'd match anything in my wardrobe!
But no, I've already made myself two new bags this spring, needs must and they're heading off to my Etsy shop.
I've loved using my big yellow tote this holiday so I've made smaller ones too.
Also a larger version of the painterly squares.
These go over your shoulder nicely and I can confirm you can stash a whole load of stuff in them! Perfect for car booting etc...
I was disappointed to miss Talent for Textiles this week as I was on the look out for more fabric but the little jammers just could not be persuaded along.
Instead we headed out on foot to our local market just round the corner. I had plants in mind but what should I spot...
I picked up this lovely blue and grey barkcloth...
  so all was not lost!
Welcome aboard new followers. Thank you for taking the time to find me and to read.
You can also find me on Facebook now.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Two cases

Forgive me if I'm getting boring but I'm in a bit of a suitcase groove...
After the school one I kept looking at the stack of six waiting patiently in my bedroom. Then I sold two this month and that was enough I had a taste for pasting again. I couldn't be patient any longer. I was on a suitcase roll. These two were both transformed in a day.
 Let me introduce you to 'Beaky' first.
Beaky is the greedy duck in this Ladybird story from 1950.
 One side is very outdoors and farmyardy whilst the other is Beaky and the owl.
Beaky is a small slightly scruffy around the edges case. I tackled it first in case I made a mistake!
 Waiting patiently below it is 'Pets'.
 which as you guessed is covered top to bottom...
 side to side...
 and end to end in all manner of pets.
Quite when hedgehogs became pets I'm not sure but I know a little jammer who'd love one! Luckily the book doesn't suggest anything but feeding them.
Now fourblank cases left and a stack of books and vintage wallpaper.
What next?

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Making for others

Not only were the last ten days busy with making stock but I've been making for others too - oh and something for me!
After posting off the umpteenth tote bag I decided I needed one too only a bit bigger for all my clobber. I bought the most amazing barkcloth curtains at the Vintage Bazaar's Rag & Rummage a few weeks ago and knew they were destined to be turned into a bag for me.
Whilst I was making it a friend turned up who'd bought a tote the week before. She wanted something similar to contain a Cath Kidston picnic set for a colleague who was leaving... well this was just perfect. So I made two identical ones and my bag is waiting to bump into it's twin around town!
Another leaving present was for my boss. I'd not done a suitcase for a while but now I've remembered what fun it is I shall attack the stack of six in my bedroom over the holidays!
 Sorry the pictures are a bit rubbishy. The colours are actually really vivid but I took these before I wrapped it late at night! 
Yesterday one of my FB 'likers' came to Custard Hall. She had ordered this koala and monkey cushion for her daughter who's travelling in Australia.
 Hope she likes it on her return!
Finally for my little neice...
 Easter bunny tops made from vintage sheets!
Now I've got my eldest hankering after a vintage sheet tote bag, Vanilla wants a coat like Emily's and Emily Button wants a scooter (gulp).... that's a day or two taken care of!

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