Sunday, 28 April 2013

Our neck of the woods

Well I think it might be safe to say it's finally sprung. Spring that is.
Last weekend my 'little' sister from Amsterdam came to stay with her boyfriend. A bit of sun gave us the perfect opportunity to show him our neck of the woods.
A drive to Lulworth Cove.
Followed by a bit of a walk
along the beautiful Jurassic coast
laughing at the crazy things people do
 until we arrived at Durdle Door.
It was even warm enough for the little jammers to have an icecream before setting off back past Man o War Bay.
 The beach at Lulworth Cove was where we were heading.
Pebbles needed collecting and sorting and arranging...
 until our tummies began to rumble. So back past the bucket and spade tree for a pub lunch.
Now the other reason for my sister's visit was a very important appointment...
4.30pm at the O2 Academy Bournemouth.
We mustn't be late, we must catch that train, we better not miss our stop... because James were waiting...
...for little old me and my sis. We watched the sound check feeling like we were about 18 again!
A horrible spot of tea in the nearest pub (best forgotten) and back for the main event
Echo and the Bunnymen to warm up then two solid hours of all our favourite songs.
 We sang, danced til our legs ached,
bought the t-shirt (yes really).
 For those of you checking in for some making news and just finding a load of pictures of a bald bloke - sorry!
Normal crafty blogging will resume next week.


  1. Glad you're having fun, beautiful images! :) x

  2. Oh I want to go to Lulworth Cove and sit on the beach and look at the bucket and spade tree and have an ice cream and ... those pictures are the perfect antidote to what I'm looking at at the moment ie: rain and grey skies :( Brilliant pics from the gig - it looks like you were standing right in front of him! Jane x

  3. Loved the photos of Lulworth cove and Durdle door.We spent a gorgeous week there a couple of years back. How lucky you are to be so near to visit.Its a fantastic walk too isnt it?

  4. Echo and the Bunnymen! Long time since I've heard that name…Lovely cove snaps too :)

  5. James-So jealous! Lovely pics...hopefully will be like this for the whole of summer ;)

  6. The beach at Lulworth is a treat. I remember walking to Durdle Door with the OH and KP when she was very small and the OH having to carry her back as she was too tired to walk - he complained that he was going to have a hernia for about a month afterwards! Wow - seeing James - I have an album of theirs somewhere!

  7. Hi There, James!!! Oh my Goodness!!! How lucky you are!!!
    What a beautiful coastline!!! Sure has to be very popular!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  8. We've been in your neck of the woods this weekend, it's such a pretty part of the world. Echo and the Bunnymen and James wish I'd been there too ... Sarah x

  9. Lovely pictures, Lulworth and Durdle Door are just such a beautiful part of our country, always love visiting.

  10. We love that walk too.
    Glad you enjoyed your bit of musical nostalgia!
    M x

  11. Amazing photos from your walk - I can't get over that blue sky! We weren't so blessed with the weather here this weekend - oh well. The concert sounded like a lot of fun. x

  12. Very lovely pics of a beautiful place with the added bonus of a good concert!!


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