Monday, 1 April 2013

An Etsy style Easter

 There is one corner of one room looking Eastery around here and that only appeared on Saturday! there have been 101 other things to do and then Little Jam came down with some bug as soon as the holidays began.
I couldn't not get out my vintage flocked creatures and the blue and purple bunnies were a treat in half term for the jammers.
 By Sunday Little Jam had managed to pull it together enough to hunt the Easter presents. I set the bar high and it took them ages to find a chocolate treat each and a present.
 Having sold a fair few things on Etsy recently I ploughed some of my pennies back and bought them each something gorgeous and handmade... by bloggers...
For Littlest a cute something from The Vanilla Squirrel...
 A blanket chick!
And for Eldest a Jane Foster screenprinted mini panda with lovely 50's print body!
 Later in the day I amused myself watching the jammers setting their own egg hunt up for Emily Button and her extended family...
Eldest Jam asked to take some photos - like mother like daughter...
Love the way Vanilla is wearing her NUT sticker and every egg seems to be hidden in a pet home!


  1. Looks like a very successful Easter for you all, bet they loved their pressies! Glad the germs have disappeared! :) x

  2. This sounds like such a wonderful and very fun Easter Sunday. And it looks to sunny there too. It was soo cold on our egg hunt here in Ireland. At least it wasn't raining though. Soggy eggs are not at all nice!
    Rosie xx

  3. What a perfect day. You look like you and your little jammers had a fantastic day.
    Love the presents you brought they are beautiful. Enjoy the rest of the hols.

  4. Hi Ellie wow I love the fact that the chick was a hidden Easter gift ........ Thank you for the lovely link and happy Easter to you all x

    1. It made a poorly person very happy indeed. Both your creations are huge hits with my littlest as I knew they would be - she has very good taste!!

  5. What a fun Easter egg hunt, brilliant to be able to have fun like this with our children. I love your presents you bought for your girls, what a lovely treat for them. I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday rest and lets hope all bugs stay far away. I think i might be coming down with a cold or something and have taken myself to bed with the laptop and somecrochet already! xox Penny


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