Friday, 29 March 2013

A busy 10 days making

Goodness, I hadn't realised my last post was 10 days ago! I feel a bit out of the bloggy world and will be catching up with your news over the weekend. Work and Jelly Jam have both been busy as we hurtled towards the end of term and Easter.
Those of you who found Jelly Jam's Facebook page will have seen (and purchased) some of these things already - sorry for the repetition!
These mini tote bags are just right for collecting Easter eggs and caused quite a stir. I had to whip up a few more to keep everyone happy!
 The baby animal fabrics were disappearing at full speed through the sewing machine and coming out as cushions as well!
These are two of my most favourite fabrics. I'm now right out of the duckling print. I always hate using the last bit of a vintage fabric in case I never see it again! I've kept a cushion for home and I think might have to make sure I hang on to one of these too.
Easter wouldn't be Easter without some blankety bunnies and I was really pleased when I realised one I posted off was heading to a blogger's home!
As well as sewing there has been some spraying going on. Not my idea but pinched from numerous blogs where I've seen these jars now. They've been a top seller so much so that when the girls at Custard Hall told me there were only three left last night I resorted to looking through the fridge and tipping screws and tacks into other containers in my quest for more small jars! A lovely cream set emerged this morning only for me to discover nowhere in town has any mini eggs left. Oh well I shall be ahead of myself next Easter.
Whilst the paint was out this swan got the same treatment. I rather like it.
 I've tried to make the shop look as pretty and Eastery as possible...'ll spot a few of my makes and some of the china I potted up on this shelf. I don't know who makes the birds but they look great altogether.
 Meanwhile this is my unit upstairs.
Happy Easter to you all. I'm looking forward to popping by your places in the next few days!


  1. This is the first time I've seen the jars. They look brilliant, what a good idea. I would put the small eggs in but I think they have all gone (bad mum!). Have a wonderful Easter. Chel x

  2. You look all set for Easter to me! Those mini tote bags are adorable and such a nice idea for collecting eggs. And those jars are brilliant. Happy Easter. x

  3. Oh my gosh! The jars, the bunnies, and the ugly duckling's all fabulous!
    I'm so happy I have found your blog!
    Happy Easter,
    Erica :)

  4. I have been making those jars too, for my nephews and niece, though mine aren't finished yet! As they need to be posted they are going to be late. I love the fabrics you use for your bags and cushions. Mrs RV x

  5. Everything is just delightful.
    Happy Easter.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Such delicious fabric, it all looks so good. A very Happy Easter to you too ... Sarah x

  7. What delights, I am sure the lucky recipients will be most pleased.

  8. everything looks lovely, I just love the little bag with lambs on! all your fabric is just so fabulous!

    Nikki x

  9. Your unit looks full of gorgeousness.Such a lovely sight to see. I'm not surprised all your vintage fabric bags are going quickly, they are so pretty but I'm glad you kept a cushion for yourself.

  10. Got to try that jar idea - I supposed you could adapt it for any time of year by changing the colours and the contents etc. Your shop looks wonderful - a real treasure trove. Happy Easter x Jane

  11. Lovely things you have made
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  12. Hi There, I really,really, reeeeally love those little jars!!!! They are so adorable!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter week-end!!!!

  13. Love your Swan Ellie! Great makes, hope you've eaten lots of eggs! :) x

  14. Your bags, cushions, etc (in fact all you do!) are gorgeous! The materials are so pretty especially those children's designs ~ where do you manage to find such lovely things?! I live in dorchester too and try to visit your units as often as possible. Are you doing bridport again this year?

  15. Busy, busy, busy and what beautiful things you have Yum!


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