Saturday, 16 March 2013

Eastery stock

It was a slow walk to Custard Hall this morning to drop off a couple of furry friends. How many old toys does a girl need? Anyway they're there for now and sporting new velvet ribbons...
Meet Lamb
 and Bunny.
Poor Bunny was ear and eyeless when I got her in a box of old toys. Finally I've got round to fixing her up with old Laura Ashley fabric ears backed in wool and some fresh eyes so she can see how lovely she looks. I wonder how I knew she was a rabbit?
The spring fabrics have been out in abundance this week.
I've been making some spring stock for my shelves. I know I said no more cushions but then I sold some more so really I'm just topping up.
I love these mischievous ducklings.
This is a different fabric I'd not seen before. I bought it from Donna at Trull a few weeks ago.
This cute pink one is backed in a vintage wool blanket.
 The ever popular yellow farm animals fabric. I've lost track of how much I've made from this. I had metres of it all unused but now it's running low... 
Find them on my etsy shelves or at Custard Hall.
 Tagged and ready to go...


  1. Particularly like the use of n old cozy

  2. I have fabric envy again Ellie, please stop doing this to me! They look lovely, hope they all find new homes soon! :) x

  3. you made me giggle with your comment on my blog, i have piles of books and paperwork and bit n bobs in every corner of my home hehe...and usually on the table too, we just eat amongst it! I've had mummy chums over that dont really get the 'vintage, home-madey' look...who like beige walls and furniture- they often say ' you fill your shelves dont you'...its funny cos just after Christmas i packed away to plastic containers under the stairs with ornaments and decors...I do love having things around me but sometimes i have to have a little sort through so it doesnt start looking like im from one of those hoarder progs off the tv ;0)

    i love your cushions and sweet rabbit!!!! x

  4. I have fallen in love with the rabbit. So cute! Take care. Chel x

  5. I bet bunny is happy to be able to see and hear again - I bet it's changed more than somewhat since she last did! Love your cushions - such lovely fabrics!

  6. Those rabbits are really cute and look they have been well loved in a good way. Love your fabrics on your cushions to, dee x

  7. Oh they look so sweet with their velvet ribbons - who could resist?! Jane x

  8. Lamb and Bunny look so cute.
    Love the cushions and your labels
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  9. I just love your fabrics and you use of them in your cushions. Bet you have lots of fun collecting all your vintage goodies cute rabit, reminds me of the velvetine rabit.

  10. Gorgeous makes Ellie. The little lamb and bunny are irresistible and thank goodness you gave bunny some ears!

  11. Great fabrics and perfect for this time of year. Love the bunny...
    Hen x

  12. aww i love the little bunnies :)

  13. Love the fabrics!!! There surely can never be too many cushions!!! Everything is very Springy and Eastery!! Great makes as always!!!

  14. Those are just gorgeous! Good to see you recently..although no time to chat properly! Have a lovely week. Lizzie x


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