Tuesday, 19 March 2013

4 Happy Things Swap

Last week I returned home to a parcel. A big parcel with surprises for me.
As you can see I wasted no time in ripping it open, still in my coat and scarf!
I signed up for Bobo Bun's Four Happy Things Swap a while back and was lucky enough to be paired with Claire from Thriftwood.
 Here's what arrived... beautifully wrapped goodies with their own tags based on the Four Happy Things themes.
Claire sent me...
My favourite colour - soap in a tin and a pretty tea towel.
Handmade - crocheted corsages. I'm envious of anyone who can whip up lovely things like this and they went straight on my jackets.
Childhood - Cadbury mug and chocs that took me back a bit. I'd forgotten Munchies and Caramac but am still partial to a Double Decker.
Vintage - pudding spoons wrapped in a doilie.
I sent Claire
Her favourite colour - Acorn & Will brooch
Handmade - lavender heart
Childhood - Jar of rhubarb and custard sweets with a greetings card
Vintage - brooch pillow made from vintage fabric and doilie
I loved putting this together and receiving. This is the third swap I've taken part in and they've all been such fun.
Thank you Claire for being such a thoughtful partner and thank you Lisa for coming up with such a fab idea and pairing up the hoards that took part.


  1. I'm always a bit worried about entering a swap in case I don't quite hit the mark but I must admit it looks like great fun - one day! x Jane

  2. lovely swaps - I'm doing this one too, great fun!

    Nikki x

  3. So glad you and Claire had fun with it Ellie. Millie and I certainly did. I'm hoping Bee gets her parcel from me tommorow and that she's pleased with it too.
    Thanks for your support on my new idea. You are a star as it takes a deep breath and fingers crossed sometimes testing the water with a new thing.

  4. That is such a lovely swap!

  5. You both gave fab things. What a lovely swap!

  6. So glad you liked them Ellie! I haven't posted about the swap yet (bad blogger!) and forgot to take pics of the things I sent you, so glad that you're organised! I love all the things you sent me, the brooch is on my dress today, and the other beautiful items are dotted around the house makinbg it look very pretty!

    love Claire xxx

  7. I love this idea!
    HAPPY SPRING...(at least it's supposed to be Spring...hard to tell with all that ice and snow out there;)

    Aloha from Vicki

  8. What a lovely swap... I have a terrible urge to go eat rhubarb and custard sweets now ... Sarah x

  9. Both lucly girls or should I say Ladies Cheers :)

  10. What a lovely swap. Such a nice idea. That retro cadbury's mug is brilliant! x

  11. what amazing swaps - such a good fun idea x

  12. Such a great idea!!! It's always fun to wait and receive a parcel full of surprises!! Great swaps!!

  13. Brilliant gifts both ways...i loved EVERYTHING!!!XXX


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