Friday, 31 December 2010

Christmas round up

Nearly the new year so time for a round up of Christmas I think. I know once work starts next week it'll seem like an age ago.

So, Christmas Eve... cook, cook, cooking! Filo parcels for the big day, mushroom ricey things for Boxing Day and some Rocky Road just because we had the stuff. Needless to say I went to bed feeling very smug that all was prepared in the food department.

The day itself... not too early a start in this household. The Jammers are very considerate and enjoy a lie in like their parents. Father Christmas did them proud and we're now wondering if the Ginger Beer kit he left the 10 year old will be alcoholic or not!! We'll have to be the first to sample it.

We were all pleased that my sister's plane made it through the snowy skies in time for Christmas and we spent plenty of time with her and my dad. Lots more visitors over the next few days and all of a sudden we were left by ourselves. what to do?

We're not huge telly fans but I had been waiting and waiting for Toast and fortunately it did not disappoint! Also got into Just William more for the fab vintage sets than the plot. Feeling quite inspired about moving to a 1930's house now - phew could have been an expensive mistake!

Last week a lovely customer of ours was kind enough to give us free tickets to the town museums. So today we headed down the road to The Teddy Bear Museum.
I just love the old Sooty machine - 20p and Sooty, Sweep and Soo will spring to life and play you a nursery rhyme. I want one at home.

Lots of nice old toys to look at

and the Jammers loved the life size family of bears

Nice to see I've gained a follower or two this week.
Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well I mustn't complain, I did ask for it - snow, snow, snow!
Much to their delight, the Jammers have both had plenty of the white stuff on their 5th and 10th birthdays.
Well the last bed delivery of the year has been made - only just. Our poor van gave up as it approached home and had to be pushed up to the house! I received a lovely dried bouquet from the appreciative customer and I hope her daughter enjoys her Christmas bed. She was one of our first customers when we started selling beds and has now grown up and part exchanged for a double!

A new tree has been purchased after the last gave up after 6 years! Part of me was quite glad as it had grown into rather an odd and sparse shape. This one is much better!

I'll finish with this Very Snowy Caterpillar we encountered on the field at the back of our house. Unfortunately we can't take the credit for him or the super tall snowman but we did enjoy them.

Have a lovely Christmas whatever you are doing! xx

Monday, 13 December 2010

Final Christmas bits and pieces

A 5th birthday to focus on now and hoping for some more of this... the very, very last bits and pieces are on their way to De Danann this week.
Hardly want to part with these old fairy lights!
I finally reassembled the lovely tricycle (with a bit of help).

Also some more things for lucky dollies... an old wooden highchair with a seat pad in Cath Kidston 'Pale Paisley' and my first attempt at refurbishing a doll's pram. Finished in bright and shiny red with the inside lined in small red polka dots and a bigger polka dot hood. The pram comes with a polka dot pillow and handmade patchwork quilt from vintage Noddy fabric.

Once again the Jammers are keen to keep it all but I will try and get all items to De Danann on Thursday so leave me a comment if you're interested in anything in particular.
Keep everything crossed for SNOW!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

One down, one to go

Yesterday we wrapped up warm for the first of my Christmas Coffee Mornings at the antique centre. After a slow start some brave souls slithered across the ice rink of a a car park to join me. I'm hoping for a warmer week now so more of you can get out. Thanks to all those villagers who emailed snowy apologies- yes, there's still plenty left and I've held back a few bits to freshen up the stall for this coming Saturday. This includes my pièce de résistance which I'm hoping to finish in time. All will be revealed later this week - keep checking!

It was nice to catch up with customers I'd not seen since last Christmas and to meet some new ones too who'd joined my mailing list.

This new friend joined us for the day! - Sorry I'm now SOLD

Coffee and homemade cakes were on offer to help keep the cold out! Apologies to the lady who arrived after I'd left and bought the Rupert cushion and some lavender pillows. I was cold and hungry but glad you got your discount at the till (if not a cake)!

See you Saturday!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Last minute making

Only a week to go now until my first Christmas Coffee Morning at De Danann and I'm busy restocking T-shirts. Just finished orders placed at Poundbury and now trying to refill the rail ready for next weekend. If you're after a particular size let me know before I make up the last few.
There are retro Sport ones for boys (or girls).

and Flower Fairies for girls (or boys?)

Also finished covering this sweet little ironing board in an old Cath Kidston print. Perfect for your little domestic goddess.

Just a couple of the many stockings I've made. Also some with vintage fabric trims such as Noddy.

Hope to see you next weekend!
Saturday 10-12, De Danann Antique Centre, London Rd, Dorchester, DT1 1NF
15% off for cash and cheque purchases.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Yet more stock

Why not treat your favourite dolly this Christmas...

1. Sleep in style in this vintage cot with handmade bedding in Cath Kidston ballet print £30
2. Almost loathe to part with this gorgeous original pushchair with animal print seat £22
3. Travel in comfort in this nice old pram with handmade mattress, pillow and patchwork quilt £48
4. Complete the look with a vintage doll with CK skirt and hand knitted cardi coat £8
1. Quilted baby blanket in vintage Noddy fabric, lightly padded and backed in cream fleece £32
2. Quilted baby blanket in patchworked in vintage animal fabric, lightly padded and backed in blue fleece £28
3. Quilted baby blanket in vintage nursery fabrics, lightly padded and backed in cream fleece £28 - sorry SOLD
4. Original Triang Gee-Gee rocker £16 - Sorry SOLD

These items are all either at De Danann already or will be delivered shortly!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Stock update 1

Just a taster of the gifts I've added to my unit this week.
Items can be reserved by email or by leaving a comment.
1. patchwork coathangers in various fabrics - £3.50 each
2. vintage jigsaws from £5
3. tote bags handmade from vintage fabrics, lined in cream - £15
4. 100% lavender pillows - £6

1. wooden cot with handmade Flower Fairy bedding (mattress, pillow and quilt) and canopy - £30 - Sorry SOLD!

2. original dropside cot in black with handmade bedding (mattress, pillow, knitted blue blanket and quilt backed in vintage wool blanket) in the much coveted 'Pussy Willow' barkcloth - £38 - Sorry SOLD!

3. cot with original transfers and handmade bedding (mattress, pillow and sheet in pastel stripes, pure wool stripe blanket and blue paatchwork quilt topper) - £30

4. pine cot with handmade bedding (mattress, pillow, knitted blanket and quilt) in lilac - £30 - Sorry SOLD!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Christmas is coming...

Just to let you know I'm having a couple of 15% off mornings before Christmas - see details below. Yes there will be cake!
I will be adding photos of new stock as it arrives at the Centre. You can always leave a comment if you wish to reserve anything. Lots of gifty stuff and dolly cots next post!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Growing up and moving on...

It's been a while but I've inspired by some followers (whoever you may be?) to have a bash at another post. We've had a bit of a 5 year anniversary here at the Jelly Jam HQ. September has been busy with new schools to start and I hunted out this picture of the oldest Jammer on her first day at school five years ago.

Five years on and she's moved up a school and the smallest Jammer is just starting out too! It's frightening how quickly the the nervous looking child above has grown into a confident and independent young girl. I'm just imagining the same scene in another five years!

It's also five years ago this month since we moved into our quirky pink house. Sadly 'Pinky' does not offer the garage/workshop we so desperately need for furniture nor the grass the Jammers 'need' for the much wanted guinea pigs. So up for sale it went and was snapped up by some ****er from London. "Hurray" we all thought as we found something else (not as quirky but it hey it ticked all the boxes). Mr London was prepared to wait for our vendors to find their house and in my head I redecorated our future home. How silly was I? Good news last week - the chain was complete! But where was Mr London? Did he return the agent's calls? Did he answer texts? Did he listen to his wife who said he'd call back? NO NO NO! Did he still want our house we wondered? Of course he didn't!
So here we go again...
We mustn't complain, the house is fab and we're lucky to live here. I thought I'd share some pictures of 'then and now' just to remind myself what Mr London is could have had wherever he may be!

Note the tidiness is not at all normal. One of the things that is most annoying for a clutter queen like me is having to tidy everything away (into the van, the car, the shed...) ready for viewings.

It does make me smile whenever I return home! You don't know what you're missing out on Mr London.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bank hols

Had a busy evening frantically buttoning my showjumping quilt in readiness for The Bridport Vintage Market on Sunday. I was really pleased with the finished article along with it's matching bunting, mini cushion, bags and memo board. Funnily enough I put two cushions from the same fabric in my shop last week and sold them straight away. As soon as I arrived at Bridport another stall holder told me she'd bought the horse cushions along with a couple of my other items and had them on her stall.... opposite me!

Just time for a quick photo of my table before the wind got up and my attention turned to weighting everything down! There were some great stalls there and I caught up with a few people I'd not seen for a while. Delighted to meet Hen from the Henhouse blog who was lovely.

Unfortunately there was a rather wet end to the day as rain stopped play and we bundled everything into the van as fast as we could! Monday morning was spent restocking the shop with these sleigh beds and French cot

another cot we promptly sold

and the horsey items

before we headed of to this nice house...

Home of Barford Farm Icecream Garden and well worth a taste! You have free run of the beautiful farmhouse gardens whilst you enjoy an icecream from the vast list of flavours. This is where I became a bad blogger and demolished half my ginger and cream icecream before remembering "I blog now. I need to to take a photo!".

They didn't last long and the sun even shone for a bit. We promised ourselves we'd have to make another visit soon (to try the other flavours obviously).

Friday, 27 August 2010

Recent projects

I've been busy since our holiday and thought I'd show you a few of the bits and pieces I've been working on...
Firstly topping up on lavender pillows ready for the next Vintage Market in Bridport this Sunday.

A nice waxed pine wardrobe just needed some chicken wire and pretty fabric to finish off the door.

Found a super little cot the other day crying out for some cosy bedding. Here it is complete with pastel striped mattress, pillow and sheet, a wool blanket and patchwork quilt to top it off!

Love the transfers!

Furniture wise I've been selling loads of beds so spent an afternoon sanding and waxing these three sleigh beds in my dad's garden. Roll on the day when we have room to do this kind of thing in our own garden (and so says my dad too!).

One lucky little owner will be having his bed delivered tomorrow morning! More news on little bed customers next time.
Enjoy your Bank holiday weekend wherever you're spending it. Fingers crossed for some sunshine!
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