Friday, 12 November 2010

Stock update 1

Just a taster of the gifts I've added to my unit this week.
Items can be reserved by email or by leaving a comment.
1. patchwork coathangers in various fabrics - £3.50 each
2. vintage jigsaws from £5
3. tote bags handmade from vintage fabrics, lined in cream - £15
4. 100% lavender pillows - £6

1. wooden cot with handmade Flower Fairy bedding (mattress, pillow and quilt) and canopy - £30 - Sorry SOLD!

2. original dropside cot in black with handmade bedding (mattress, pillow, knitted blue blanket and quilt backed in vintage wool blanket) in the much coveted 'Pussy Willow' barkcloth - £38 - Sorry SOLD!

3. cot with original transfers and handmade bedding (mattress, pillow and sheet in pastel stripes, pure wool stripe blanket and blue paatchwork quilt topper) - £30

4. pine cot with handmade bedding (mattress, pillow, knitted blanket and quilt) in lilac - £30 - Sorry SOLD!

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