Friday, 25 March 2011

Fingers crossed for sunshine!

Hurray! This weekend it's the return of Bridport Vintage Market. Sharon hosts a range of stalls outside her fab shop on the St Michael's Trading Estate. Lots of other antique and vintage shops are open too, as well as a cafe, pizza jalopy and music. Well worth a visit.
This week I've been busy making some stuff to take with me. since Christmas I've been focused on our house and thought it was about time I replenished my stocks. So... some more memos from lovely old fabrics and lots of lavender pillows.

Some vintage wooden jigsaws and these cute cloth dolls.

Some rectangular cushions, more puzzles and cute springy bits will all be coming with me.

Must go, more lavender pillows to stuff!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Yum, Pussy Willow!

A little while ago I gave you a sneak peak of one of my latest makes for the smallest Jammer's bedroom.
Well here they are in full glory... her long awaited Pussy Willow curtains! I was lucky enough to find this pair in a shop in Bridport last year. At that point we didn't have a house to hang them in but I knew we'd find one with the right size windows eventually... Just had to lengthen them with a bit of spotty fabric.
Pussy Willow has to be my favourite children's fabric and I've got a waiting list of people wanting me to make things from it. I promised the smallest Jammer we'd make some things for her room first and then some things to sell. So this is what she got.
A memo board we've not got round to putting up yet!

A collection of cushions in all three colours. I bought a little bit more of the pink from Donna at Talent for Textiles last weekend. Not made a bolster cushion before but quite pleased with how it turned out.

Some bunting of course.

And finally a little bit of colour each framed!

One happy Jammer! Now I've just got to finish the quilt I've started...

and then I promise I'll make some things to sell with the rest of it!

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Thank you, Dusty!!

We've lived in our new house for almost a month now and for that month we've been the proud new owners of Dusty the bantam. Every morning the Jammers let her out and check just in case she should have laid an egg. Sadly we'd not had any and began to wonder if we would. However what we didn't know was that Dusty was waiting for Pancake Day!

Lots of excitement in our house today when we found this tiny but perfect little egg!

So we could have pancakes after all. I think Dusty's would have fed a doll so we topped up the eggs with a shop one.

I was surprised at the difference in yolk colour. "My what orange yolk you have Dusty!" "All the better for making pancakes with".

From this ... this... this...

How do you eat yours?

I can't wait for a day off now as I've got this lot just waiting for me to get my hands on it! Roll on Thursday...

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