Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Thank you, Dusty!!

We've lived in our new house for almost a month now and for that month we've been the proud new owners of Dusty the bantam. Every morning the Jammers let her out and check just in case she should have laid an egg. Sadly we'd not had any and began to wonder if we would. However what we didn't know was that Dusty was waiting for Pancake Day!

Lots of excitement in our house today when we found this tiny but perfect little egg!

So we could have pancakes after all. I think Dusty's would have fed a doll so we topped up the eggs with a shop one.

I was surprised at the difference in yolk colour. "My what orange yolk you have Dusty!" "All the better for making pancakes with".

From this ...

...to this...

...to this...

How do you eat yours?

I can't wait for a day off now as I've got this lot just waiting for me to get my hands on it! Roll on Thursday...


  1. Our bantams have started laying too. They pretty much only seem to lay between February and October, unlike their bigger hybrid cousins who lay throughout the year. :-)

  2. sadly missed out on pancakes this year! Lovely to see you in Ilminster yesterday. Did you enjoy it? Lizzie x


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