Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Messing about in boats

The weather down here has been beautiful and warm for over a week now!
On Saturday we headed off to Weymouth looking for something in particular.
My eldest jammer was looking for a boat.
Not just any boat, but a boat she'd been invited to see.
And here's what she was looking for.
Lochmarin belongs to one of her ex teachers who kindly invited the pupils to take a look before she embarks on a three year round the world trip.
She was extremely welcoming and gave us a guided tour. The jammers were keen to take a close look and try everything out!
Just time for an icecream
before we went for a look on board the lifeboat.
It was the Life boat open day and the jammers had a great time exploring the boat.
 We set sail back across the harbour on the tiny ferry ready to sniff out chips for lunch.
Don't forget I'm having a giveaway if you fancy winning a vintage fabric cushion!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Making May whilst the sun shines - a giveaway

At last, proper sun. None of that shall I, shan't I pop out from behind a cloud kind of sun but a whole week of real full on sun!
So sunshine means I wash everything in the house. The washing machine has been on overdrive, even the rugs have been through. But enough of the laundry, most importantly 'new' old fabric has been washed, aired and ironed because May has turned into a bit of a making month here.
It started with the finishing of this racing car quilt for a bloggy customer. Safia sells beautifully dyed baby clothes via her Honey Bumble blog. A couple of years ago she bought a bed and a cowboy quilt from me for her eldest now her youngest has his own quilt. You can see him with it here.
Then there was the small matter of my boss's birthday. Now she has excedingly good taste so I was a bit nervous deciding what to make. Luckily she told me she was in need of new cushions to go in a blue room so I took it from there...
Last night I finished off these car cushions to go with the bumblebee's quilt. Two with Cath Kidston patches and one from original 1950's racing car fabric. Hope you like them Safia!
I've got quite into patchworking and was really pleased with how the points matched up neatly on all these projects.
This make was a slightly urgent one. Two of our fellow dealers from the antique centre are expecting a baby (yesterday I think) and wanted a Noddy crib blanket. The crib is a vintage one painted white with a red gingham liner. I think this will look just perfect.
Of course as a gift it needed a pretty tag so out came the stampers, the Noddy playing cards and a bell.
Now it's your turn. I believe some time ago I mentioned a giveaway. I think it was when I wrote my 100th post and was anticipating 100 followers. Well that came and went in a flash so here we go... take your pick from six cushions, all made from genuine vintage fabric.

 Firstly, pick a cushion you'd like to receive.
Secondly, follow my blog and leave me a comment to let me know which one you'd like.
Thirdly, grab the button on the sidebar and pop it on your blog for an extra chance to win (let me know you've done that). You simply copy the text bit below the button and then open a new gadget on your layout. Choose 'html' and paste the text in. Save and it should appear on your sidebar.
We shall eagerly wait to see which cushion gets most votes and then pull a name out of the hat on Sunday 10th June.
Open to everyone but if you live overseas I'll just post the cover not the filler.
Good luck

Thursday, 17 May 2012

I can see the sea from here!

 Looking out,
 we're getting near,
 I can see the sea from here.
A couple of lines etched in my brain from one of the jammers favourite bedtime picture books years ago. They came into my head on Sunday as we drove through the all lovely cow parsley and approached one of my favourite places...
 Ringstead Bay
 It made such a lovely change to feel the sun on our backs and
 see clear blue skies overhead.
a picnic lunch was packed because we had a visitor.
 My sister from Amsterdam was visiting for a long weekend. We hadn't seen her since Christmas so there wwere some very excited little people on Saturday morning.
 A ring at Ringstead.
 Who mentioned the pebble that looked like a bottom I wonder?
 I should know better by now.
Right, this really is a promise, I shall be back with my 100 giveaway this weekend.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Kiting around

Hello again!
I didn't expect to be back so soon but thought I'd share these photos with you.
 Yesterday afternoon we pootled off to Weymouth to have a nosey at the kite festival on the beach.
 I really liked all these bird um 'flags' rippling in the wind.
 Lots of professional kiting going on.
 As well as lots of fun kites to watch.
 Further along the beach out of the pro zone we tried our little freebie kite out. We've never managed to fly it properly, it plummets pointy end into the sand time after time.
 After much huffing and puffing and snatching of turns, each insisting we could do better, we were approached by this helpful chap. A man of few words carrying a dirty old Asda carrier bag, I thought he was tidying the beach, but no. He tied the bag to the kite tail and instructed the eldest jammer to try again as he walked off up the beach back to his duties.
 Hey presto, it worked. The kite flew. We fought over turns at flying it instead.
 Thank you Asda. Ours may not have been the prettiest kite on the beach but IT FLEW!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Tintin goes in search of Annie

A busy day for old Tintin today. We headed off to Bergere Interiors at Lytchett Matravers for some Annie Sloan paint. Lots of lovely painted French furniture...
But sadly they've stopped selling paint.
Tintin even spotted a replacement door, should he ever need one!
A lovely courtyard full of pretty garden bits and pieces.
Nice enamel jugs and pots. We've got quite a collection of these at home.
This bench caught my eye mainly because of the colour. I do love old garden furniture. It reminded me I have some rusting frames of chairs in the garage to redo...
Had to pop into the cafe of course.
Stopping to admire the bluebells.
So Tintin came home. We consulted the web, grabbed a slice of leftover pizza and headed off up the Piddle Valley to Stalbridge. Shy Violet is now my nearest stockist. A lovely shop full of beautiful things. I can't wait until I need more paint to go back for another look!
Now my paintbrushes await...
Back in a few days with that giveaway I promised.
Speaking of giveaways. Pop over to Torie Jayne's for a chance to win some pretty Cornishware.

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