Thursday, 17 May 2012

I can see the sea from here!

 Looking out,
 we're getting near,
 I can see the sea from here.
A couple of lines etched in my brain from one of the jammers favourite bedtime picture books years ago. They came into my head on Sunday as we drove through the all lovely cow parsley and approached one of my favourite places...
 Ringstead Bay
 It made such a lovely change to feel the sun on our backs and
 see clear blue skies overhead.
a picnic lunch was packed because we had a visitor.
 My sister from Amsterdam was visiting for a long weekend. We hadn't seen her since Christmas so there wwere some very excited little people on Saturday morning.
 A ring at Ringstead.
 Who mentioned the pebble that looked like a bottom I wonder?
 I should know better by now.
Right, this really is a promise, I shall be back with my 100 giveaway this weekend.


  1. What a beautiful place...i have never been but it is now on my list :o)
    looks like you had lots of fun x
    love jooles x

  2. It looks so wonderful, I love the seaside and you had such a sunny day too :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. wonderful seascape- what a beautiful day ;0)
    you all look like your having such fun- lovely!!

    x kazzy x

  4. How nice to have visitors....and the sea looked calm and the beach, like a perfect day to play!

  5. oh wow that sea looks so lovely, i live by the coast but our sea isnt as blue as that!!

  6. Lovely photos! There is something magical about a blue sky and sea, isn't there! Hopefully, this summer we'll have some sunshine to enjoy days by the sea!

  7. Lovely photo's, hope we see lots of blue skies this summer! :)

  8. Thank you for your photographs, for the heart from flintstones.
    A wonderful tripp to the seaside!


  9. Looks like you all had a wonderful time Ellie! Beautiful pictures. x

  10. This looks gorgeous and luckily we are off to stay in Weymouth as our holiday base next month so I have added this place to our list. Yippee, can't wait. Sam x


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