Sunday, 27 May 2012

Making May whilst the sun shines - a giveaway

At last, proper sun. None of that shall I, shan't I pop out from behind a cloud kind of sun but a whole week of real full on sun!
So sunshine means I wash everything in the house. The washing machine has been on overdrive, even the rugs have been through. But enough of the laundry, most importantly 'new' old fabric has been washed, aired and ironed because May has turned into a bit of a making month here.
It started with the finishing of this racing car quilt for a bloggy customer. Safia sells beautifully dyed baby clothes via her Honey Bumble blog. A couple of years ago she bought a bed and a cowboy quilt from me for her eldest now her youngest has his own quilt. You can see him with it here.
Then there was the small matter of my boss's birthday. Now she has excedingly good taste so I was a bit nervous deciding what to make. Luckily she told me she was in need of new cushions to go in a blue room so I took it from there...
Last night I finished off these car cushions to go with the bumblebee's quilt. Two with Cath Kidston patches and one from original 1950's racing car fabric. Hope you like them Safia!
I've got quite into patchworking and was really pleased with how the points matched up neatly on all these projects.
This make was a slightly urgent one. Two of our fellow dealers from the antique centre are expecting a baby (yesterday I think) and wanted a Noddy crib blanket. The crib is a vintage one painted white with a red gingham liner. I think this will look just perfect.
Of course as a gift it needed a pretty tag so out came the stampers, the Noddy playing cards and a bell.
Now it's your turn. I believe some time ago I mentioned a giveaway. I think it was when I wrote my 100th post and was anticipating 100 followers. Well that came and went in a flash so here we go... take your pick from six cushions, all made from genuine vintage fabric.

 Firstly, pick a cushion you'd like to receive.
Secondly, follow my blog and leave me a comment to let me know which one you'd like.
Thirdly, grab the button on the sidebar and pop it on your blog for an extra chance to win (let me know you've done that). You simply copy the text bit below the button and then open a new gadget on your layout. Choose 'html' and paste the text in. Save and it should appear on your sidebar.
We shall eagerly wait to see which cushion gets most votes and then pull a name out of the hat on Sunday 10th June.
Open to everyone but if you live overseas I'll just post the cover not the filler.
Good luck


  1. V. impressed with your making skills...and that amazing scooter! What a beauty.

  2. Ellie I love all three of my racing car cushions! Thank you so much, I can't wait to come and collect them this week.

    You have been so busy! The noddy quilt is so sweet and the wrapping with the bell and playing card label are such a beautiful touch.

    I would love to enter your giveaway. my favourites (tied) are cushion number one and I would give that one to my eldest bee. And cushion five I would place on our new garden bench. But they are all lovely.

    Safia xx

  3. WOw, you have been busy again!
    What a wonderful gift for your boss and I love the car cushions and quilt.
    The wrapping on the Noddy quilt is lovely - love the bell (might steal this idea for Christmas presents if I remember!!
    Lovely giveaway - I would love to win cushion cover number 1!!!

  4. I just adore vintage animal fabrics so it would have to be no.3 closely followed by no.4. Following via google reader!

  5. What a lovely giveaway! You make some fantastic things, I wish I could do the same! Anyway as you know I am a follower and I would like to be entered into your prize draw.If I won I would love cushion number 3. I dont know how to grab the button on the side of your blog so any advice would be appreciated!!!!

  6. Wow you're so clever! Please may I enter, I love them all but particularly the cowboy one ... I'm also hosting a giveaway, so would be lovely if you joined in! Have a lovely week, from your newest follower. I have been following you for ever, but not officially as I explain in one of my posts, but that's all sorted now! Xxx

  7. oohh the pussy cat one for me :) You're now on my blog x

  8. Hello!
    Enjoyed your post..
    It's the Kitty cushion for me through and through,as I have four feline friends myself!
    You can see the amount of work and love that has gone into making these, your boss will be thrilled!
    Am already a follower of your blog,soo please enter me and will pop you on my side bar too, of my blog!
    Wishing you a happy Monday1
    Maria x

  9. i was just thinking while having a coffee i must make a giveaway once i reach 500 followers! only about 7 away from that. Then i look and see your Delightful posting! woweeeeeee!!!!! you know how to spoil us with choices! they are all superly lovely!!!!!!
    but i have to admit after much thought the 'ducklings' one is just so lovely and could see that sophia's bedroom ;0)
    my finger and tootsies are crossed...I'll add your button now! xxxxx

  10. I have just discovered your lovely blog, and I'm so glad I did! Your sewing is just beautiful, and I adore all the yummy fabrics you use! I would love to be entered into your giveaway to stand a chance to win no. 4. Cute, cute, cute! I am now a follower of your blog, and look forward to see what you get up to. I shall pop the button on my blog too. Thank you for a superb giveaway...I shall have cramp by the 10th of June from crossing my fingers and my toes! Happy Monday! Tania ♥

  11. Oh my no. 5 is amazing.......fingers crossed! what a lovely giveaway!

  12. ooh I love number 3, the kitten one. it is beautiful and you are very talented.

  13. Wow, you've been busy! What a lot of beautiful makes - especially the blue patchwork cushions for your boss. I adore number five (although they are all rather gorgeous...) x

  14. l found you in a roundabout way from Oooh Betty and l'm glad l stopped by. l love your use of vintage fabric and l would say my favourite is number 5 very Eames era, l will try and add a link but l'm not that technical. x

  15. I like number 4, very cute.

    Aire & Angel

  16. Gorgeous cushions - no. 5 would be perfect for my caravan!
    I'm already a follower, and I'll add your button to my blog right now!
    have a lovely weekend x

  17. Oh what a hard decision, they are all so gorgeous! i love following your blog and watching your creativeness grow and grow! after a long look my favourite is number one. it would look stunning in my new living room!

    good luck to everyone
    kirri raper

  18. I think after much debating it has to be "noddy" I follow your blog and will add you to my sidebar, fingers crossed, thank you, Lucey x

  19. It's difficult to choose. They ar all so beautiful!
    But I think no. 2 is my favourite one.


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