Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Messing about in boats

The weather down here has been beautiful and warm for over a week now!
On Saturday we headed off to Weymouth looking for something in particular.
My eldest jammer was looking for a boat.
Not just any boat, but a boat she'd been invited to see.
And here's what she was looking for.
Lochmarin belongs to one of her ex teachers who kindly invited the pupils to take a look before she embarks on a three year round the world trip.
She was extremely welcoming and gave us a guided tour. The jammers were keen to take a close look and try everything out!
Just time for an icecream
before we went for a look on board the lifeboat.
It was the Life boat open day and the jammers had a great time exploring the boat.
 We set sail back across the harbour on the tiny ferry ready to sniff out chips for lunch.
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  1. I haven't been to Weymouth for quite a few years so thanks for reminding me what a lovely place it is! The sea looks ever so inviting! A round the world trip - how wonderful but I don't think I could do it in a boat! Hope those chips were good!

  2. Oh, how lovely! What a fantastic day for you and your kids! Lovely weather. Weymouth looks beautiful. You can't beat being by the sea in the summer (or any time of year, actually!)

  3. im not sure why but ive never been there...must add to listy of 'great places' though, it looks absolutely beautiful ;0)...wonderful photographs- i want another look.... awwww! blissful xx

  4. I bet the sea air smelled heavenly.....

  5. Beautiful shots, so crystal clear and seasidey.

  6. Hello! How cute! I love The Wind in the Willows so you caught my attention when you mentioned "messing about in boats!"


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