Friday, 30 August 2013

Summer making

Well I think this will be last post of the holidays. I know there haven't been many but that must be the sign of a sunny or productive holiday - for once both.
Work is looming. A 9am test run today before real life resumes on Monday.
So besides enjoying lovely SUNNY Dorset what've I been doing?
Well making stuff mainly.

My top make has to be my 'Garden Birds' suitcase
I love making these and feel so on trend with birdies it's hardly me at all.
 A few suitcases have found themselves new homes or holidays this summer so I topped up with a couple of wallpapered ones too...
This one badly photographed by me in the late sun because I couldn't wait
and this one photographed rather nicely by my eldest jammer!
There have been a few bags thrown in there
  but I had a sudden urge to use up small pieces of fabric with 'Back to School' pencil cases.
 Funny how they all seem to be made in my favourite colours...
 The dresser I display my stock on at Custard Hall sold last week which was a bit of a surprise as I'd forgotten there was a price tag on it. I had visions of my stock in a heap on the floor but luckily I bought this one from a neighbour.
Some Annie Sloan French Grey and lovely new handles from Shy Violet and it was ready to go.
Now I'm just throwing in a couple of gratuitous shots of sunny Dorset because looking at all your holiday snaps I realise how lucky I am to live here.

Off for a last weekend trip to London again tomorrow whilst the train is SO cheap and favourite friends visiting on Sunday. 
Enjoy your last few days of Summer holidays.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Itty this and bitty that

Time is flying
Time to pack for a train ride
(Can you guess what I'll be making? Answer at the bottom of the post!)
Time for three of us to sew on the journey
A big day out courtesy of the train offer
The littlest jammer's first trip to London
 Back in Dorset
Café time whilst the Granny visits the Grandad in hospital.
Time for sisters to visit, and cousins and friends
 Been filling our days with bits and bobs
 and evenings with sewing
and messing around with this Instagram thingy
(I'm jellyjamellie if you want to take a peak)
 I can feel the holidays galloping away.
Once we've got past the half way mark there's no going back.
Work is beckoning
Luring me back
But still a bit of time left for the other makes and days out on my list.
Hope you're all having a lovely summer

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Emily's Hot Date

This weekend saw a visit from my sister and her boyfriend from Holland. We had a day out in Wimborne St Giles at The Great Dorset Chilli Festival!
Lots of interesting vehicles selling food.

Of course Emily Button came too, but didn't look too sure about the battered chillies.
We watched Matt Follas make a chilli dish and my little jammers dashed to the front to try it!
The festival was set in the grounds of Wimborne St Giles House. A stunning house, currently being restored.
Want to see what's through this gate?
Possibly the loveliest stable block I've ever seen
Like their mother the little jammers like to peer through broken windows and explore disused buildings!
Sadly no tea rooms any more
but we headed off and found
the horses from the stable block
and luckily there were some Polos in my bag!
 Back soon with some makes to share!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

For the love of tourists

July has flown by with very little time for making. Having not had time to even pop in Custard Hall for a couple of weeks I was delighted to find a whole list of sales waiting for me. The girls in the shop suggested I make something with a local theme for tourists to take home. I was a bit stumped and then after a bit of searching Ebay for old postcards of Dorset an idea came...
I bashed out these four prototypes one evening and only remembered to photograph them on the doorstep literally on the way out the next morning.
Instant sales meant I got cracking on another batch this week.
They are all backed in vintage fabrics
  and filled with 100% lavender
Edged with my favourite cute mini bobbles
 and embellished with a button or bow
and a handstamped tag!
So bring on the tourists, I'm off to the beach with my girls and a friend!
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