Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bathroom ta dah!

One shower curtain has a lot to answer for...
Oh and a bath from Ebay.
This is our bathroom a year ago when we moved into our pebbly house.
We ummed and aahed about the layout but it is only small and has a big window so we were limited in what we could do. In the end the cheapest option was to leave the plumbing in position and just change the suite. So this is what we did to it... even trying to take the tiles off carefully removed half the plaster so back to the brick it went.
This is where, knowing our limits, we handed over to lovely Lloyd. Lloyd turned out not to be just an electrician but a fab tiler, plumber, floor layer.. We went away for a week in May leaving it as above and came back to most of this.
 Having bought my Amy Butler shower curtain before anything else we picked the metro tiles to match. I wanted a bit of a thirties thing to reflect the age of the house and other than the door the room was completely characterless.
 Do you like the lovely bath? I looked everywhere online for a roll top with a corner edge so shower water wouldn't escape but they cost a fortune, about £1400!! So imagine my delight when I found one on Ebay and won it for £100. Then imagine my dismay on the morning the courier was due to collect it. The seller rang to say she was terribly sorry but it had been sat outside for some time and the leaves in it had stained the bottom. What's more a foot had broken! So we agreed a refund for the bath and courier cost but the courier delivered it anyway. And there it sat lurking in the garage whilst I became an expert on stain removers and crawled on my hands and knees round bathroom showrooms to find bath feet that fitted! Success at The Bathstore so we celebrated with their 2 year interest free credit deal and ordered loo, basin and towel rail to match the bath. But oh what's that Mr Bathstore? We haven't spent enough to get the credit? Oh well we'll have a mirror, a posh cup on the wall and a loo roll holder then.
So with a couple of coats of Chappell Green eggshell the bath turned out to be an absolute bargain.
So what with the bathroom being done in May, why has it taken me so long to post? Um well that would be the small matter of painting the walls. Yes, I know there's not much wall to paint but choosing the colour takes time... and then you get it wrong and have to do it all over again! Finally we needed a cabinet to store the unsightly plastic bottles that are not allowed in my bathroom!
This was £5 at an auction and with a coat of Chappell Green and a new glass knob it was transformed last week!
Did you notice the horrid blind? That's just waiting for me to order some more delicious Amy fabric to cover it in. But that will take forever to get round to so I'm going to post this anyway!

Note: thanks for all the lovely comments. The tiles are not Fired Earth but Tons of Tiles Retro Metro crackle glaze in Lime House Green. Half price at the moment, as they were when I bought them in May!!


  1. Looks fantastic, all those lovely colours we both seem to love!!!

  2. What a transformation, looks so lovely, I'm rather partial to green :-) and your little cupboard, what a bargain,,,,just perfect xx

  3. Gosh, what a gorgeous, scrummy bathroom, love Amy Butler fabric, all your colours too, great. Julie xxx

  4. what an amazing re-do....its glorious!

  5. LOve those bathroom tiles and the roll top bath!
    Our bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover but is so tiny it's hard to imagine how you could change it - I hate the fact that the toilet is right in front of the door! Who designed that! Anyhow I'm green with envy at your beautiful bathroom!

  6. Wow! Its gorgeous!
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. Wow, what a great bathroom you have now! The colours make it seem a lot bigger too.

  8. Oooh your bathroom is so beautiful!! just love the green tiles and your accessories :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. What a gorgeous colour scheme and design, you'll never be able to get out of that bath!
    love jooles x

  10. Oh Ellie, it's really gorgeous. I love it. What a super colour and it is great with the chrome fittings too. Beautiful! Unlike mine, your bathroom was nice before but now it's gorgeous! I could see my favourite Poirot doing his ablutions in there. Very 20's! Lynda xxx

  11. don't like....LO♥E.
    Those green tiles are a thing of beauty.
    We have a ridiculously big bathroom (needing a ridiculously large budget!) but I dream of this kind of makeover (regularly)
    Mind if I pin some pictures on my 'bathroom inspiration' board (where I spend a ridiculous amount of time pondering!)??
    fee x

  12. Oh how adorable...I would love to have your tub in my home. Now you got me missing the black and white checkerboard floors of our old home. xoxoxo

  13. I need your bathroom please. Green is my most favourite colour ever, and I can imagine sitting in the bath tub for hours reading a book, sipping tea and ahhhing over the black and white floor. Just wonderful, you must be so pleased with it.
    Nattie x

  14. Your makeover is amazing! I love the whole effect and the way it all works together. You must be really enjoying your new bathroom now.
    Helen x

  15. Love those tiles, great colour and very 1930s. Shower curtain is lush! x

  16. This looks fab, Ellie, you must be so pleased. Great to see the tiles as I'd tracked down the very same ones (bargain eh, compared with Fired Earth ones?) and will be having them in our kitchen which we're soon to re-do. You've done a great job, the bath is super too. I bet you spend ages in the bath now.
    Hen x

  17. This is the bathroom that would interest Green Lantern and Green Hornet. How about The Mask? LOL. I bet it would be messy with Milo around.

  18. Just came across your blog . Enid Blyton.was and is still my favorite.Love your bathroom as green is my favorite colousr and the black and white floor goes perfectly ..

  19. Love the bathroom and want a heated towel rail like that! Where's is from / what brand?

  20. Hi,

    What an amazing blog!! We are so pleased to see our tiles go into such a beautiful project. We rarely get to see our customers finished projects so its always a treat when a customer provides us with photos! Everyone here in the office loves your bathroom and your blog is such an interesting read, we are all truly inspired!!

    Kind regards,

    Tons of Tiles

  21. A beautiful bathroom! My fav colour is also green so you can not fail to relax. Quite funny I just happened upon your website and blog as I was searching for kitchen tile ideas! Coincidentally I have just an identical looking bathroom suite from Bathstore.com. Is your suite by any chance the Savoy Edwardian one? I hope you don't mind me asking what you think of it months down the line? Are you pleased with your basin and loo?! Your bath is truly beautiful and what a find. Well worth all of your hard work! Many thanks for posting this. I am feeling inspired!


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