Friday, 3 February 2012

February monthly make

A while back my friend Caroline asked me for some more memo boards for her lovely shop Ruby Rock Cake in Lyme Regis. Finally I've made a huge batch. These are the only six finished though! I'm awaiting red ribbon, narrower ribbon for mini boards, more wadding...
Why do I never have everything I need for a project?
So, an interim tah-dah.
Nice to get outside in the sun for some photos even though it was absolutely freezing.
Love this 'new' old duckling fabric I got recently. Now I've cut into it for a memo I'll have to make some cushions and other bits whilst I'm feeling springy.
My other project that's been looming for some time is this pile of chairs. They've lurked in the corner of the dining room since last summer with visitors raising their eyebrows and asking what I'm planning for them. But I could see them finished. I knew what barkcloth I wanted to use, I even had a roll of heavy duty canvas to go underneath so no supplies needed, but just couldn't bite the bullet and see how to do it.
However today I plucked up courage and took one apart. I cut new canvas and sewed the barkcloth to it before reassembling reasonably easily. I love these chairs in a basic scruffy kind of way. I'm dreaming of a green and pink kitchen and think they'll look great lined up along my long table. Think I'll use it as my February monthly make...
I'll leave you with my fridge a week on. You can spot the differences from here and here!
I think I need to go and think about food. I'm ashamed to say all I've eaten all day is a bag of giant chocolate buttons...
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I adore your chairs, I love those sorts of projects, ones that seem to be put aside for sooooo long, but when you do get round to doing them, it's a wonderful, beautiful thing!
    P.S.....lovin the memo boards !
    Next time I'm in Lyme I shall pop into the shopto see!
    Nattie x

  2. One word ok 3 words, I'M IN LOVE....with the fabric the chairs and your enamel pitcher......just wonderful!!!

  3. the chairs look brilliant you are so clever!, Now where does one get duckling fabric?? I love it!!
    You where brave facing the elements its soooo cold, you might almost think it was spring looking at your photos
    have a lovely weekend
    Sophie x

  4. I love what you have done with the chair! It's all about imagination isnt it? The duckling fabric is just gorgeous and I love the memo boards too.In fact I love all your makes and always enjoy seeing what you have done.Enjoy your weekend.

  5. The chairs look fab and the duckling fabric is just so cute. M x

  6. Chair looks fantastic with new fabric - great idea. Love the memo boards too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. love the duck fabric!...and your makes! x
    i have a memo board my sister bought for me last year at a boot sale- and i cant find it anywhere- think it might be in that safe 'lost' place where i seem to not beable to find anything hehehe x

  8. Absolutely LOVE the chair makeover...and those teapots!! :0)


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