Sunday, 19 February 2012

In a flash...

...half term was gone! where? Who knows.
Did we enjoy it? Yes we did. The little jammers and I kicking around here doing what we do best; pottering.
The odd party here and there. A bit of making. Catching up with friends. A day out. Cooking yummy stuff. Flying a kite. More catching up with more friends. Sweeping leaves.
 I made this cute bag for Little Jam to give as a birthday present to a friend. Now she wants one too.
The mid 20th century fabric cushions seem to be breeding on the sofa this week.
Wondering what's in here?
 The good bits of our day out to Seaton and Colyton.
 Lovely old signage in Colyton.
Hope you've all had a good week.


  1. I love old signs - so evocative of bygone times and the faded colours are lovely. Cushions are fab!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I love the cute little bag! Of course your daughter MUST have one! We went to Seaton and did the tramway thing a couple of years back - I remember sitting on the top deck and it being very, very cold! Your cushions are truly FAB!

  3. Hi Ellie,
    looks like you had a fun half term, Harry's off this week. You've reminded me that he's asked to go to Seaton Tramway, it looks really good.
    Hen x

  4. Love your cushions... love the material.

  5. Right, loving the bag (I want one too), loving the cushions and thank you for lovely memories of Seaton. Is Jacobs Ladder beach near there too? rings a bell!
    Did you ever find Cleggy's blog?
    nice to see you over at mine (we DO always have fun!)
    fee x

  6. Lovely post - I loved seeing all your photos. Looks like a great week :) Love those cushions too. Maggie xx

  7. Of course your little sweetie wants a duck bag too! Goodness! You have reminded me of a box of chocolate ducks I got one Easter when I was little with similar ducklings on the box. So sweet.

    I love the blue/yellow combination which shines through in your pictures today.


  8. Glad you had a good half term, everything goes quick, dosn't it, love the tram at Seaton,the cushions look great and divine colours.

  9. I'm glad you had a lovely half term week. The little pink duckling print bag is adorable, such a sweet gift for a little girl's birthday.
    Helen x

  10. I had a mad and busy week! But lots of fun too!
    i love your pictures....perfectly bright and cheerful!xxx

  11. Absolutely lovely pictures, love the way you've arranged them. Great fabrics on those cushions. Apparently they always breed. Mr Bun was found taking the mickey out of ours the other day and said they're everywhere and I'm not allowed to flatten them as they're 'vintage'. Bad boy - he loves it really.

    I can see why you'll be needing to make another bag as that ones gorgeous.


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