Monday, 6 February 2012

A cold one

I have loved looking, with just a hint of jealousy, at all the snowy photos on your blogs this weekend. Much to the jammers disappointment we've not had any of the white stuff down here, but it has been mighty cold. All of a sudden I am feeling the benefits of double glazing! We've never had it before and never wanted it, however there is something to be said for popping the heating on and the house warming up. Last winter we had ice on the inside of the windows! This year it's just the tap that's turned icy.
So we've warmed up with good old comfort food. Homemade curries and then pasties for lunch. I do love a good pasty and so do the little jammers. Cheese and mushroom for me and cheese and veg for them.
just in case that sounded a bit healthy there's been plenty of sugary comfort going on too...
 Waitrose do amazing vegetarian fruit jelly sweets.
And my corner shop sell trays of mis shapen tiffin. You have to get there when they arrive as it's gone in a flash. This weekend we were lucky, depending on how you look at it!
Even my shop is a bit warmer than usual. We had heating installed a couple of weeks ago and just in time too. I took a couple of refurbished cots in this weekend and had a furniture reshuffle.
 Both my little jammers slept in a cot similar to this French one when they were babies and toddlers. It's in the attic now as I couldn't bear to part with it!
For those of you that asked after my COD post I'm at The De Danann Antique and Vintage Centre, Dorchester, DT1 1NF
Do pop in if you're local.
Keep warm


  1. i so agree with you- ive seen such wonderful winter wonderlands and all we got was brisky weather and sleety showers!! snowwwww, booo!
    ive never known devon to be so cold...
    love your shop and those delightful cots- such wonderful furniture you have there x

  2. I wish I lived nearer I would definitely be in your shop, looks like some gorgeous things you haveX

  3. Maybe Anne and I could take a trip and have a ladies weekend away to visit your shop in Dorchester! Those vintage children's fabrics are so lovely. x

  4. Isnt annoying when everybody else has snow and we dont my daughter is so disappointed (she is 19), your shop looks lovely and welcoming. Julie xxx

  5. those cots look lovely :)
    your comment made me giggle about not using the pip towels :) :) x x x x

  6. We had snow here but I was bed bound with a penicillin induced rash - I'm covered literally from head to toe and the worst part is it may take 6 weeks to clear! At least I've avoided the dentist's chair! Your shop looks wonderful!

  7. Hi, your shop is a great fun for my eyes! So much lovely things. And I want to eat a Cornish Pastry like yours - soon!


  8. Ooooh it's nippy alright! hope your little jammers get their wish tonight, more snow on its way :o)
    i love that little french gorgeous
    love jooles x

  9. What a sweet little shop you have! Those cots are adorable....stay cozy and warm. May your weekend be filled with unexpected surprises! Enjoy! I love your sweet blog. xoxoxo

  10. Not much snow here either, but brrrrrr is right!
    Gorgeous snowy pictures...
    We still have the old victorian (single glazed = bloomin freezing) windows here and my, it is cold. Heating on from October til March!
    happy weekend to you and yours
    fee x

  11. Over here too (Athens) it's been really cold but no snow! I am secretly dissapointed too...


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