Saturday, 29 December 2012

Spring cleaning the shop

Today I deChristmassed my stock at Custard Hall and looking through the sales book I realised this lucky lot all found new homes for Christmas. Even,you will note, grumpy panda! Panda was bought by a lady who had one as a child but her mother had removed the eyes??? Now she has one with eyes, if a little on the cross side.
 All that is, apart from PJ Puppy and Kangaroo who were sat on the shelf feeling a bit sorry for themselves!
Whilst all has been going brilliantly at Custard Hall I've somewhat neglected my unit at De Danann Antique Centre. This is where my beds are on display and will be a showroom for larger items. Yesterday it had a huge tidy and declutter and today I returned with polish and hoover in tow!
 I've got a bookcase and chest of drawers in the hallway just waiting for a makeover and then they will be heading here in the new year.
 You can view beds and the like at our website

Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas bits and bobs

This is the post I started writing on 23rd! It was titled 'Christmas Eve, surely not?' in readiness for the next day. That was about as organised as I got!
Sunday 23rd was Littlest Jammer's 7th birthday party. It's always hard trying to host a party near Christmas and I did in a rash moment offer a party at a play place, thinking anything for an eaier life. But no, my girl had other plans. "A party at home" she requested, followed by "a making party"!
Like mother like daughter.
So my sister and I hosted a slightly shambolic making party for 8 little people for 3 whole hours. They made pompom wreaths, collaged their initial, baked stained glass biscuits and made bizarre Christmas tree lollies.
Thank you Auntie Layla!
I took delivery of a lovely set of Chipper Nelly blocks that I won in Fee's giveaway.
Much fun has been had building, and that's just me.
In amongst the excitement our elderly feline Hectic got a bit poorly. Peeing on the presents didn't go down well so a quick call to vet, yet more medication and she's back to her normal self.
 My only Christmas tree photo due to the camera packing up on Christmas morning!
 Now this is what I really wanted to share with you...
My littlest jammer absolutely loves hedgehogs and inspired by the cover of Mollie Makes a few months ago I decided to make her a hedgehog home. I had a cunning plan to start sewing early and make about 50 of the lovely wired and quilted leaves for her hedgehogs to play in at Christmas. In reality I ordered some nice fabrics and started on the night of the 23rd!
So on Christmas morning this is what she unpacked. Yes, just the 8 leaves so far! Topped up with needlefelt acorns I bought on etsy, wooden toadstools, Christmas fircones and toadstool fairy lights hand delivered by Ruby Rock Cake on Christmas Eve - thank you Caroline!!
 Anyway I love the fact that it is her favourite present and that I know her so well I knew it would be. To watch her squash in all the toy hedgehogs at bedtime and cover the front of the flowerpot with leaves, "to stop the frost getting them" is just delightful. Long live proper play!
Opening a new shop in December played havoc with making Christmas presents so tonight I sewed this panel of vintage sheet squares. Something I meant to do weeks ago and have ready for Christmas...
More to follow tomorrow with new camera - hurrah!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas

from Emily Button and her growing family.
I've a feeling it wont be long now before their stockings are filled!
Merry Christmas to my followers and readers. Hope yours is a truly lovely one.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Crazy last minute restocking and a giveaway winner...

This week along with a 7th birthday, last week of term, work Christmas do...
 I've been restocking Custard Hall with potential presents for potential customers.
Here's a selection of what's arrived in the shop this week...
Vintage children's typewriter complete with original box and instructions. Perfect for typing your thank you letters! 
 Brick trolley with great illustrations.
 Vintage doll's cot with handmade bedding.
 A customer request for a stocking for baby Paddy. It matches his patchwork blanket I made him back here.
Vintage Mazda Disney lights - for that finishing touch to your vintage tree!
I nearly forgot I was having a giveaway until I saw the coathanger hanging on my wire racks this morning. So I popped the names in the hat and....
....Hen, you are the lucky winner of the goodies above. Sorry they wont be with you in time for Christmas but I shall get them off to you as soon as I can. Just let me know your address.
Now I'm off to see who still needs a Christmas present, if the painted stuff in the garage is dry yet and clear up the carnage from the birthday party we held earlier.
I'll pop back before the big day to share my lovely presents I've received from PJ in the advent swap and some Christmassy pics once I've put the decs up...

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Once Upon a Time...

 ... there was a girl who pondered about making suitcases and moving into a new shop. Little did she know the suitcases would fly and life would be a manic race to replenish and restock. Serves her right for taking on a shop unit three weeks before Christmas really!
So the girl made the cutest, most loveliest Puppies and Kittens case and what should happen but a lovely lady reserve it after an hour in Custard Hall. She was a tad sad to see it go having loved it for all of one night but set about cutting and pasting the next case...
More tins...
More toys...
 More furniture...
 More bags in her favourite colours... 
Does she want to let any of it go? Not really!
Don't forget I'm having a giveaway so pop your name in the hat if you fancy winning these goodies.
Have been loving my advent swap presents from PJ this week and smiling at some coincidences. Will share those in a day or two. I've also been sent some products to review...

Friday, 14 December 2012

Carry it Forward Giveaway

Last weekend I was lucky enough to win Chipper Nelly's Carry it Forward Giveaway. The idea behind this carry it forward, for anyone who doesn't know, is that if you win you receive something handmade from the blogger in question. In return you hold your own 'CIF' and carry on sharing the crafting/making love. It can be anything at all.
Which means I get to host my own 'CIF'!
Hmm what to offer...

So after much thought I decided to squeeze it in before Christmas.
I'm offering a lavender pillow made from the vintage alpine barkcloth. a red & white patchy hanger with bells on and an old Christmassy tin to continue the red theme.
All you have to do to enter is be a follower and leave a comment on this post. If you would be so kind as to blog about it or put the a link on your blog then leave me a second comment and get a second chance.
Obviously you must also be prepared to host your own CIF too!
I'll pick a name from the hat on Friday 21st.
Good luck!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Case of Puppies and Kittens

I know I promised a giveaway but I couldn't wait to show you this...
 I am going to find it very hard to part with this one, but suitcases have been selling well this month and tomorrow it will be finding its way to Custard Hall.
 I have to admit I'm not a dog fan and find some a bit scary ever since a dalmation whipped an ice lolly out of my hand when I was about 2. 
But I just love these pictures - the cats and the dogs!
 Really pleased with how the ends turned out on this case.
Right, tomorrow is Giveaway Friday I promise, see you then.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Giant Flea and Christmas Critters

This lovely toy elephant is just one of a big bagful of critters that came home with me from the Giant Flea Market on Sunday.
They were in a bit of a sorry state but after some stuffing, sewing and prettifying they are ready for new homes for Christmas.
Let me introduce you...

Which one would you choose?
I struggled to leave this lot alone. I collect, amongst too many other things, Kleen Kitchenware in green. But this was red so had to stay behind. I was saving my pennies for suitcases, toys and tins.
This was another tempting stall but too pricey to sell on.
Love these old playpens.
Yet more tins. You can never have enough tins...
...practical and pretty.
PS Giveaway in a day or two I promise!

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Just checking in quickly tonight to share my lovely swap presents with you.
I'm so glad Laa Laa paired me with someone who can do stuff I can't - stuff with wool - stuff like crocheting and knitting!
PJ my swap partner has been busy with her yarn and sent me these fantastic Christmas stars. I absolutely love them and am going to have to get a tree soon to do them justice.
 My little jammers have not been forgotten in the swapping and both received twin white 'sugar' mice this week. They were delighted with them but I could only find one to photograph this evening as they've been up to all kinds of mousey games.
Other gorgeous bits to keep me busy and organised and smelling nice!
Thank you PJ!
Now I've just had a lovely message from Fee at Chipper Nelly to tell me I've won her Craft it Forward giveaway. Lucky me, my very own blocks. I never normally win anything!
Well it means I shall host my own CIF giveaway here. I'd been thinking about a giveaway for Christmas and then got caught up with Custard Hall and promptly forgot. So pop back later this week and see what I've found to giveaway! I'm thinking wintery and alpiney...

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