Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas bits and bobs

This is the post I started writing on 23rd! It was titled 'Christmas Eve, surely not?' in readiness for the next day. That was about as organised as I got!
Sunday 23rd was Littlest Jammer's 7th birthday party. It's always hard trying to host a party near Christmas and I did in a rash moment offer a party at a play place, thinking anything for an eaier life. But no, my girl had other plans. "A party at home" she requested, followed by "a making party"!
Like mother like daughter.
So my sister and I hosted a slightly shambolic making party for 8 little people for 3 whole hours. They made pompom wreaths, collaged their initial, baked stained glass biscuits and made bizarre Christmas tree lollies.
Thank you Auntie Layla!
I took delivery of a lovely set of Chipper Nelly blocks that I won in Fee's giveaway.
Much fun has been had building, and that's just me.
In amongst the excitement our elderly feline Hectic got a bit poorly. Peeing on the presents didn't go down well so a quick call to vet, yet more medication and she's back to her normal self.
 My only Christmas tree photo due to the camera packing up on Christmas morning!
 Now this is what I really wanted to share with you...
My littlest jammer absolutely loves hedgehogs and inspired by the cover of Mollie Makes a few months ago I decided to make her a hedgehog home. I had a cunning plan to start sewing early and make about 50 of the lovely wired and quilted leaves for her hedgehogs to play in at Christmas. In reality I ordered some nice fabrics and started on the night of the 23rd!
So on Christmas morning this is what she unpacked. Yes, just the 8 leaves so far! Topped up with needlefelt acorns I bought on etsy, wooden toadstools, Christmas fircones and toadstool fairy lights hand delivered by Ruby Rock Cake on Christmas Eve - thank you Caroline!!
 Anyway I love the fact that it is her favourite present and that I know her so well I knew it would be. To watch her squash in all the toy hedgehogs at bedtime and cover the front of the flowerpot with leaves, "to stop the frost getting them" is just delightful. Long live proper play!
Opening a new shop in December played havoc with making Christmas presents so tonight I sewed this panel of vintage sheet squares. Something I meant to do weeks ago and have ready for Christmas...
More to follow tomorrow with new camera - hurrah!!


  1. Aww, I love your hedgehog den kit, that's the sort of thing I'd love myself! I do take my hat off to you for the party too and I hope you're having a well deserved rest now. Wondering when Custard Hall is open over the next week as I fancy a visit?
    Hen x


  2. You need the badge of one fine mum for all your party hard work and then to deliver a hedgie home too. Hope you're resting a wee bit, but not too much or you'd probably be twiddling those fingers wouldn't you Ellie.

    Glad the cat's sorted too as cat wee stinks. Ours keeps doing it on the door mat, so I throw that out and lay down newspaper for our muddy boots. She prefers the paper though and wee's on that more. Why do we do it to ourselves I wonder?

    Lisa X

  3. I love the hedgehog home, such a beautiful present. Hope Hectic is better, not the best start to Christmas :( x

  4. Hi Ellie, a big thank you for all of the lovely gifts that you sent to me for the Advent Swap. I feel that it has been the best swap I have taken part in. A belated Happy Birthday to Little Jammer, it can't be easy having a birthday so close to Christmas! I love your daughter's hedgehog home; sadly as children get older 'real play' is taken over by computer addition! I hope you are all having a wonderful festive season and wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year, Pj x

  5. You are indeed one wonderful Mum! My birthday is near Christmas too, it can easily get swallowed up by Christmas, this is one party she will remember! That little hedgehog is adorable, it is winter you know,not many leaves around! :) x

  6. The hedgehog set is a fantastic idea, and much better than boxes full of plastic rubbish! The play party looked great too, am wishing Millie was about 8 again so she could have one, and how lovely to be able to take home something handmade rather than a goody bag.

    Love Claire xxx

  7. Hosting a making party for three hours - you deserve a medal! What a lovely Mum you must be.

    I'm glad you had a nice Christmas, and I'm so in love with your hedgehog home present, it's adorable! I wanted to make those leaves back in the autumn but it feels a bit late now - I may still make them but with some spring time fabrics.

    Gillian x

  8. Pesky cameras! Your tree looks stunning. The hedgehog home looks such fun - I'm not surprised it was LJ's favourite present. I think you are an absolute star to host such a lovely party - I'm sure Little Jammer and her friends will always remember having such a crafty time.


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