Sunday, 9 December 2012


Just checking in quickly tonight to share my lovely swap presents with you.
I'm so glad Laa Laa paired me with someone who can do stuff I can't - stuff with wool - stuff like crocheting and knitting!
PJ my swap partner has been busy with her yarn and sent me these fantastic Christmas stars. I absolutely love them and am going to have to get a tree soon to do them justice.
 My little jammers have not been forgotten in the swapping and both received twin white 'sugar' mice this week. They were delighted with them but I could only find one to photograph this evening as they've been up to all kinds of mousey games.
Other gorgeous bits to keep me busy and organised and smelling nice!
Thank you PJ!
Now I've just had a lovely message from Fee at Chipper Nelly to tell me I've won her Craft it Forward giveaway. Lucky me, my very own blocks. I never normally win anything!
Well it means I shall host my own CIF giveaway here. I'd been thinking about a giveaway for Christmas and then got caught up with Custard Hall and promptly forgot. So pop back later this week and see what I've found to giveaway! I'm thinking wintery and alpiney...


  1. Well done Ellie, much deserved wins in the CIF.

    Hope Custard Hall all went well and dandy as it should.

    Lisa x

  2. I love those little crocheted the idea of alpiney and slippery

  3. Sorry got that excited, pressed the button to early!....was going to end....and wintery! Have a good week! :)

  4. Congratulations on your win, beautiful blocks. Glad you liked the stars and that your girls liked the mice. Thank you for my goodies. Happy cats and husband in this house. Biscuits for both! Best wishes, Pj x


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