Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pssst - Today's the day!!

Lots and lots of last minute making going on here this week. Sewing, painting, waxing, papering, mod podging... you name it I've done it.
Today is the launch of Custard Hall and I spent a few happy hours there last night pricing and prettifying.
This memo is made from original old cowboy fabric.
 Yet more lavender pillows from the vintage alpine fabric - it's eeking out well.
After Saturday's suitcase sales I had to cover another two to replenish. This time I've made a cowboy themed one
 and another with Ladybird children.
Topping up the cot full of cushions
 More utility china crates
 A stunning Mobo horse just ready to be found under the Christmas tree.
  I'll post some more photos tomorrow after the launch but this is what it was looking like at about 10pm last night! 
Time to catch up with a coffee and all your blogs now...


  1. All the very bestest with this...Looks really great...
    Yeah! I'll pop time l'm in Dorchester...
    Just..Hide everything....P-I-N-K...! :)
    Goooood Luck........!

  2. Looks great! Best of luck! I love the suitcases.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Best of luck with it, it looks great. We will visit soon.
    Hen x

  4. Everything looks really nice. Best of luck and I'll be willing to bet you do great!

  5. It looks good....wish I could visit, have a great launch! :)

  6. well it IS gorgeous and lazy daisy and i have been to visit today.......and so excited to treat myself to a little alpine purse....i have loved that fabric from afar forever....and now i have a lttle bit to love for myself! we thought your section was fabulous....hope you continued to have a great day ellie x

  7. Hi,I asked about the price of the pushchair in the last post not sure if you read it or not, is it still for sale please? Lucey x

  8. Yes I agree with the all the above!!
    ... it is wonderful,
    well worth a visit to see what the squirrel didn't buy ( you may need to restock Ellie!)
    Congrats on your gorgeous new selling space
    Back soon

  9. How exciting ... i wshing you lots of luck.
    so many treasures!
    love jooles x

  10. Its all looking really fab! I wish you lots of luck in your venture and am looking forward to seeing how it all progresses!

  11. Good luck with opening day; everything looks wonderful. Thank you for my gorgeous gifts this week - they are truly appreciated. Best wishes, Pj x

  12. It all looks amazing. I really hope it goes well for you. Your cushions really are lovely, I wish I could sew like you. x

  13. in LOVE with those cases (natch)
    Pop over to mine lovely lady - there's a nice surprise for you. You were winner number 1 so you can choose which set you would like...fee x


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