Thursday, 29 November 2012

Red and white love

 This week I am loving using my vintage alpine barkcloth. I was so pleased with my bags I started dreaming of all sorts of things I could make with the rest of it! so before I dare chop into the final piece I've been using up smaller pieces to make purses and lavender pillows. Everything is being embellished with the vintage buttons I picked up at the boot sale on Sunday.
 On the red and white Christmassy theme I've made some festive patchy hangers.
 I usually finish my hangers with a little corsage but these have got festive bells.
All will be accompanying me to Mrs Darling's Festival of Christmas in Upwey, Dorset on Saturday 1st December.
Keep scrolling down for details.
If you haven't seen it already, fee at Chipper Nelly is hosting a bit of a giveaway. Click on the picture below to have a go.
Lots more finishing off to do...
and possibly a big surprise next week....!

Friday, 23 November 2012

The big smoke and more bags

I've been away longer than I anticipated and I'm going to blame it on the weather! After all, what's a making post without any photos? Well today I looked at the forecast for tomorrow (rain all day) and decided the photoshoot would have to be an indoor gloomy affair. So apologies for the images.
After all your positive feedback on my winter bags I decided to whip up some more. They've taken a while but here they are...
Another in the lovely alpine fabric because I kept the first and have taken your advice and used it every day! Of course you were right, it's not too early, I just wasn't feeling Christmassy - see I've said it now. Anyway that weather forecast is mentioning snow next week.
a lilac barkcloth beauty
 really old cowboys
 and mid century magic.
I'm going to pop them in my Etsy shop for the time being then take them to Mrs Darling's Christmas Fayre next Saturday and see how they go down.
Earlier this week I got a rare day to myself in London. Reading her blog I narrowly missed Vintage Jane and my evening photos are going to look very similar to hers!
This market was shut but I had to get a photo of the semi 2CV.
A visit to the Tate to see the Pre Raphaelites topped off a lovely day.
Back soon with loads more making ready for next weekend.
Just hope the sun shines on Sunday as promised.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Forthcoming event

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my winter bags post and for all the email and etsy enquiries. Yes, I'm making more stuff from the alpine barkcloth! I'll let you know when I'm done and pop some things in my etsy shop.
In the meantime, posters for this fayre I'll be at have arrived so I'm passing on the details. If you're local please do spread the word.
Mrs Darling's Festival of Christmas
Upwey Old School Village Hall
Saturday 1st December
Back at the end of the week with more making.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wintery making

You will note I'm not using the C word yet!
This week I got out some lovely barkcloth I've had stashed ready for this season that is hurtling towards us. Snowy alpine scenes in my favourite colours of green and bluey grey with just a smidge of red.
I had an idea I'd make some bags. This first one is from Mollie Makes and designed by Jane at Teawagon Tales. I'm really chuffed with how it turned out and wondered if it's too early for me to start using such a wintery thing?
 I had some wooden handles and have made these bags lots of times before. They are always popular at fairs.
 I lined this one in a festive polka dot fabric.
 Once I'd started using it my mind raced with what else I could do with it. A big fat lavender pillow trimmed in red ric rac appeared as if by magic. Now I'm looking carefully at what I've got left and wondering if I can eek it out into a cushion or two, more bags, hearts and a memo board or if that's just pushing my luck.
 These little pussy willow decorations will be coming with me to a fair in a few weeks. Mrs Darling's Christmas Fair at Upwey is a new one for me but Alison the organiser sounds lovely and I thought I'd give it a go. More details to follow later this week.
And finally...
No it's really not what you think. It's not festive or Decembery. It's just a bright cheery thing that caught my eye in Wilkinsons yesterday. I had to have it. I have no idea what I'll do with it but it's making me smile.

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