Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wintery making

You will note I'm not using the C word yet!
This week I got out some lovely barkcloth I've had stashed ready for this season that is hurtling towards us. Snowy alpine scenes in my favourite colours of green and bluey grey with just a smidge of red.
I had an idea I'd make some bags. This first one is from Mollie Makes and designed by Jane at Teawagon Tales. I'm really chuffed with how it turned out and wondered if it's too early for me to start using such a wintery thing?
 I had some wooden handles and have made these bags lots of times before. They are always popular at fairs.
 I lined this one in a festive polka dot fabric.
 Once I'd started using it my mind raced with what else I could do with it. A big fat lavender pillow trimmed in red ric rac appeared as if by magic. Now I'm looking carefully at what I've got left and wondering if I can eek it out into a cushion or two, more bags, hearts and a memo board or if that's just pushing my luck.
 These little pussy willow decorations will be coming with me to a fair in a few weeks. Mrs Darling's Christmas Fair at Upwey is a new one for me but Alison the organiser sounds lovely and I thought I'd give it a go. More details to follow later this week.
And finally...
No it's really not what you think. It's not festive or Decembery. It's just a bright cheery thing that caught my eye in Wilkinsons yesterday. I had to have it. I have no idea what I'll do with it but it's making me smile.


  1. Beautiful makes. I love the bark cloth fabric on the bag, and your cheerful lining.

  2. Oh! Yes! Love the bags....Especially the top one...!
    I've carried a shoulder bag for a very long time now.
    For the last few years it's been a Pink one...(What else).
    With fairy cakes ALL over it....It was given to me by a lady
    friend, as a Birthday gift.....With assorted 'pink' gifts inside
    it....! :). Love It To Bits......!

    Wilkinsons....One of my favourite stores....

  3. oh my lovely those bags and fabric are wonderful!!!! you clever thing!
    i keep spying christmas treasures...wilkinsons is a really cheap and cheerful place and i love it...i made my patchwork quilt from their tea towels and some other material...the 'c' word is well and truly out in my home hehe x

  4. I really love those gorgeous bags! Loving the spotty inside!

  5. Love the "wintery" bags - so pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Love your bag, that fabric is sooo lovely!! and your your coat too :-) x

  7. Fabulous makes, the fabric is gorgeous! Love love love those rainbow bells!
    Victoria xx

  8. I am LOVING that alpine fabric, it's so sweet. It's not too early for xmas makes, I am crafting away. THe wooden handled bag is really nice, I love the polka dot lining. x

  9. Of course it's not to early to wear such a gorgeous bag! Wear with pride! It's fan dabbie dosie! :)

  10. Absolutely gorgeous Alpine fabric just right to be made into Christmas bags, it would be a shame not to use it now after all it's nearly the middle of November and in my book that means Christmas is only weeks away!! Lucey x PS if you're not convinced send it to me!! xx

  11. Great bags! Love the bright dotty lining.

  12. Gorgeous fabric and love your bag. V green eyed monster! Good luck for the fair.
    Hen x

  13. you been busy

    LOVE the bag,looks amazing

  14. The bag looks great, such lovely fabric, gotta go just off to Wilkinsons to buy the bell reef! X

  15. where to start...your bags are wonderful you did a great job, your lovely post is making me feel very christmassy ... and now I also need that bell wreath (for my shed!)x x x x x x x x

  16. I love your bags - Think I'll go and look for some of those bells
    Julie xxxxxx

  17. Gorgeous Makes! I love the Alpine Bark Cloth. Starting to feel Christmassy here too! I hope you received my email re the swap. Please could you send your details to me? Best wishes, Pj x

  18. Hello I'm bobo bun's little bun.I really liked the pussy willow decorations.Just started writing my blog it's called pink and purple polkadots.Guess blogging goes down in the family love the bags by the way.

  19. Lovely bags & in wonderful fabric. swoon. xx


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