Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween?

Is there such a thing?
I groaned when the little jammers picked a pumpkin design for me to carve. Every year I hack away with a huge kitchen knife trying not to A) saw off a thumb or B) cut through vital bits of pumpkin. Every year I vow to buy a better tool for next year.
Disappointed with this years effort compared to pumpkins past.
 The full moon was looking lovely through the trees last night.
 We headed to Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens for the floodlights and Halloween fun. I overdid it on photos last year so just a couple of the creepy crawlies.
Much of today has been spent with the jammers making decorations for the porch and recording spooky sounds on the laptop. Eldest jammer had a plan that she would cunningly hide a speaker in the recycling box and as trick or treaters come down the drive scare them with spooky sounds!! I love how they're both so resourceful and the only thing I've had to buy is the pumpkin (due to rubbish year in the garden).
Not sure what the visiting trick or treaters make of it all but my girls have certainly had fun.
Time to drag them upstairs now. I know as soon as I do the bell will ring and I'll answer it to teenagers who haven't dressed up and grunt 'trick or treat'. I shall have a supply of plastic toys ready to offer!


  1. Fab pumpkins! Love the cat from last year!
    Victoria xx

  2. I'm very impressed with all the pumpkins - mine are always the ubiquitous faces with triangular teeth, nose and eyes! Happy Halloween! X

  3. I think your pumpkin is great! We've just been trick and treating, outside one house was a fantastic 1950s American truck. In the back sat a Guy, it was fantastic! As we walked nearer, the Guy started to get out the truck! We nearly died, it was the Dad dressed up! Luckily I was with a friend, we couldn't stop laughing, once we had recovered that is!!! :)

  4. Love the pumpkins. As previously commented ours are the usual boring ones.

  5. ..... Amazing pumpkins that are truly works of art! We saw that moon last night in Lyme Regis - it was so bright and beautiful........ Happy(fun)Halloween to you and your jammers x

  6. Wow your pumpkins are amazing! I just get away with carving random scary face, but yours are very good. I hope you had fun. x

  7. i think they are all fab! ive never carved anything as good as those!!

  8. The pumpkin was brilliant, what do you mean not as good as before?! I do like the pussy cat one though too, in fact thats probably my favourite.

  9. Great pumpkins! Looks like you had a lovely time celebrating Halloween. Pj x

  10. Hi Ellie....... So excited as today I stumbled upon your gorgeous shop within the dedanaan antiques centre in Dorchester!!!! I can see now that it's mentioned on your blog but it clearly hadn't registered with me properly!!! I did the usual racing heartbeat and oh oh oh excited reaction to your lovely beds and vintagey fabrics...... And then I saw it was you and was even more excited!truly adorable and now I know where you are! X


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