Sunday, 7 October 2012

Making ups and downs

This is the cheery view of my fridge today. Some dahlias and cosmos from the boot sale to brighten things up around here.
 Did you spot anything else new? Well Emily Button did. She's had her eye on this suitcase for a while now and today she bagged it for herself.
 A cute little old case I bought at Shepton Mallet a few weeks ago. I patchworked it in Pussy Willow paper and sealed it with a protective layer as dolly parties can get messy in these parts. Well Emily and friends moved straight in and I think I'll have a job to get it back.
 I put the case down as a making success. It was A painstaking fiddle and I had to tackle it over several days to stay sane but I got there in the end.
This stool was an altogether quicker and easier transformation. It's 1950's legs were just crying out for a mid century top and I had just the fabric. Sorry about the rubbishy photos. I keep forgetting it gets dark so early and missed the daylight today.
All good so far but there was a huge GGGRRRrrrrrrrr moment this afternoon. Transforming this cupboard proved to be infuriating and involved me ripping off the Cath Kidston wallpaper I'd applied to the back only this morning and throwing it in the bin! All hopes of getting it to my shop this afternoon faded and it was banished to the garage in the cold and dark until it can be better behaved another day.
 I couldn't finish with such a grotty picture so here's one of my latest refurbished beds that arrived at the antique centre on Friday. Perfect for little people!
 I'll be back with some answers to Ada's questions later in the week and who knows maybe even a cupboard ta-dah...
Have a good week.


  1. Ellie, your suit case is perfect! Yes, I don't think you will be getting it back anytime soon, Emily Button is holding on good and proper! ( I would too, if I was her!).
    I think that cupboard is crying out for some retro wallpaper! Have a good week! Ada :)

  2. Love the suitcase! I went to Shepton Mallet for the first time yesterday.... I loved it :) x

  3. You are so talented Ellie. Love your transformations and doesnt Emily look pleased with the suitcase!
    I cant wait to see what you are doing with the cupboard too.I can well imagine you cursing at having to rip of the CK wallpaper, an expensive mistake!

  4. Love the little suitcase - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I too love the suitcase makeover and the stool. Good luck with the cupboard!

  6. That suitcase is so sweet, I really like it. And the stool is gorgeous. I know what you mean about the light - after 5pm it's pointless trying to photograph anything in our house.

  7. Such a lovely case, the kitten fabric is so sweet! Best wishes, Pj x

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