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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer's here, time for a beach bag or 5

I've been busy making beach bags over the last three weeks so boy was I pleased to see the sun this week!
Just what I needed for a photo shoot and an excuse for the beach.
I knew where I wanted to photograph them...
Lyme Regis on the beach huts of course!
Want to have a look?
First up is this lovely stripy towelling with seagulls.
As you can see three of them are waiting for ribbon for their rosettes. I was hoping it would arrive on Friday so I could get them finished but unfortunately not. 
They will all be finished like this!
Fishy towelling lined in blue pvc ready for your wet cossie.
My own not so little model helped me set up the photos.
We found the perfect pink chair for this pink and grey bag.
The red one is a pre order (I'm beginning to see the instant joy of Facebooking).
But I think I've got one more.
And last but not least a one off.
 I couldn't resist buying this fun piece of towelling at The Vintage Bazaar last Saturday.
 Just enough for one bag!
 So which one is your favourite?
All bags are interfaced for strength and lined in plastic. I'm also thinking that stuffed with your clothes they'll make a comfy pillow too.
And of course I'm going to tell you I'm about to pop them in my Etsy shop this evening!
Have a sunny week

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Loving Lyme

Loving Lyme Regis this week with its colourful beach huts.
 Loving walking past and taking a sneaky peak inside each one.
Loving the way people take time and care to decorate them
Loving the vintage kitchen cabinets inside a couple of them.
 Most of all I was loving enjoying them in the SUNSHINE!!
Now a little quiz for you...
In Lyme Regis it's National Lifeboat Week and these celebrations were going on on over the beach.
RAF parachutists dropped from a plane we could barely see - 12,000ft I think.
Free falling at 120mph.
 Twizzling around in coloured smoke until somehow, who knows how but they made these amazing patterns in the sky.
 Before descending rapidly onto the beach
 right in front of us!
Lovely to see the beach full of holiday makers making the most of the sun.
 I took a wander past my most favourite place to live, a girl can dream,
 up onto Broad Street.
 I left the jammers on the beach and had a lovely hour to myself mooching in the chazzas and gorgeous shops that Lyme offers. I nipped in to Ruby Rock Cake to see my friend Caroline but clean forgot to take any photos of her lovely stock. Do pop in if you're in the area as the shop is brimming with gorgeousness.
 Love my littlest jammer in my big sunhat!
Time for a wander back to the car.
Hmmm - second favourite house? Well I could make do I suppose.
 By the time we left at 7pm there were still lots of people making the most of the last few rays and who can blame them!
If you made it through to the end of this post, well done.
I hadn't realised what a lot of photos I'd taken.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Emily in the Lyme Light

Well it's drawing to a close. I mustn't complain as it's lovely to have a whole fortnight off but I do hate the last day of the holiday feelings. Last night I couldn't sleep. Not because I don't want  to go to work or love my job but because I'm a lazy old bones and being at home is easy peasy! So this afternoon we made an effort not to let the last day together slip away too quickly. We headed off to Lyme Regis as we realised we hadn't managed to get there to see the lights before Christmas and I had some new stock to deliver to Caroline.
 I love the pretty trees on the shops with decent size lights that show up - take note Dorchester!
And of course Emily Button came with us as she does now.
It was her first trip to the sea and she'd been wrapped up in a borrowed cardigan but still found it a bit nippy.
How she wished she had new snug long socks like smug Mrs Jam...
 She admired the houses and dreamt of living in this beautiful blue one.
And then in a flash the peace and tranquility of Emily's first trip to Lyme were dashed. The jammers spotted an amusement arcade.
The lure of the 2p machines beckoned and Emily was led astray. Led into the colourful neon world of gambling only to emerge a short while later with her pretty apron pocket £1 lighter. Poor Emily she's a lot to learn!
 After that we thought things couldn't get much worse, so chips it was!
Finally it was dark enough for a look at the lights. Loved the tree!
 But prefered it when they used to string loads of bulbs on wires across the street instead of the stars. Maybe I just don't like change!
As we headed back to the car I spotted Caroline had put my favourite Foxy Lady in the window of Ruby Rock Cake.
Now life will take over and posts will go back to being infrequent watch and see!
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