Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer's here, time for a beach bag or 5

I've been busy making beach bags over the last three weeks so boy was I pleased to see the sun this week!
Just what I needed for a photo shoot and an excuse for the beach.
I knew where I wanted to photograph them...
Lyme Regis on the beach huts of course!
Want to have a look?
First up is this lovely stripy towelling with seagulls.
As you can see three of them are waiting for ribbon for their rosettes. I was hoping it would arrive on Friday so I could get them finished but unfortunately not. 
They will all be finished like this!
Fishy towelling lined in blue pvc ready for your wet cossie.
My own not so little model helped me set up the photos.
We found the perfect pink chair for this pink and grey bag.
The red one is a pre order (I'm beginning to see the instant joy of Facebooking).
But I think I've got one more.
And last but not least a one off.
 I couldn't resist buying this fun piece of towelling at The Vintage Bazaar last Saturday.
 Just enough for one bag!
 So which one is your favourite?
All bags are interfaced for strength and lined in plastic. I'm also thinking that stuffed with your clothes they'll make a comfy pillow too.
And of course I'm going to tell you I'm about to pop them in my Etsy shop this evening!
Have a sunny week


  1. Love the bags. What a fab backdrop for the photo shoot.

  2. A great excuse to visit the beach. Love your bags.

  3. Have just found your blog it looks lovely.

  4. These are fabulous my dear....I love the yellow one, can't wait to see those beach huts! :) x

  5. Oh, these are gorgeous! So summery and beachy. I love the way you photographed them on the beach. And what a good idea to line them with plastic. I like the yellow one best. x

  6. Hi There,They are stunning!!!Love the blue fishy one!!!Enjoy the great weather you're having right now!!!I would so love to be at the beach!!!Have a happy week!!!

  7. Hello! Just found your lovely blog. Your bags are just too cute! My favorite is the yellow! When reading that you did your photo shoot in Lyme Regis I thought that was a little ironic because I recently read the novel "Remarkable Creatures" by Tracy Chevalier about Mary Anning with the story being set in Lyme Regis! Funny how the internet can make the world seem much smaller :)

  8. Late with my comment but WOW, your bags and your photos of them are beautiful.

  9. Lyme Regis! As an American, I only know that name as the place where a character in Jane Austen's Persuasion falls down the stairs. I LOVE the idea of making a beach tote out of terrycloth, even though I can't think of a practical reason to. It's just so suggestive of casual fun! I want to make one and then hug it.

    I'd love to see these on Kollabora, the crafting community. A lot of us have been making summer totes or at least looking for ideas for them, but I've never seen any like yours and am pretty sure the others there would love them as much as I do.


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