Friday, 22 November 2013

Etsy update

Just to let you know I've popped some new makes in my etsy shop
Let me introduce you to the Winter Bunnies
Similar to their cousins the blankety bunnies but more wintery!
They love to snuggle up against the alpine cushions
 and hey presto
they match the cushion back!
These lovely old Christmas postcards dated 1909 were the inspiration
for Christmas lavender pillows
All stuffed with 100% lavender and embellished with bells, bows and hand stamped tags
Naturally they are all backed with vintage fabrics
Well you wouldn't expect anything else would you?


Elsewhere things have been too quiet for my liking at Custard Hall so I've desperately been filling the shelves with all things festive and wintery
Whilst customer orders have helped keep me ticking along
Thank you to everyone who 'likes', 'shares', orders, pops into Custard Hall and helps keep this little bit of my life going!


  1. Lots of lovely stuff but my favourite is the rabbits....

  2. Wow what a great idea for thelavender cushions. They look really fantastic.

  3. Really beautiful makes. Sweet bunnies and loving those gorgeous lavender bags. Xo

  4. Love your bunnies, they are too adorable xox Penny

  5. Your bunnies are so cute. But then again, you know I think everything you make is fab.

  6. Beautiful makes Ellie, I love the alpine cushion, the backing is as lovely as the front ... Do you have any more, please?

    Love Claire xxx


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