Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas toys to love

It seems everyone has a soft spot for an old toy. I've been saving a few up ready for Christmas at Custard Hall and enjoying their company in the meantime.
I've snapped them all and try and post new stock on my Facebook page or Instagram to give further afield vintage lovers a chance if anything takes their fancy.
The Little Red Dolly turned into a swap with The Vanilla Squirrel and you can see her at home here! I can't show you what I swapped her for yet as it's a birthday present for a certain little jammer in few weeks.
 This gorgeous pink monkey was a tough one to say goodbye to, but he's off on a journey as I type, to another bloggy home with Bobo Bun! I know he'll be well looked after there.
 I need a big space for this lovely Merrythought elephant pyjama case!
 Can never resist these peg dolls

 This little bun was snapped up straight away by one of the staff at Custard Hall and is on his way to America about now.
 And to finish I got into a bit of a monkey sharing thing on Instagram with Bobo Bun and The Vanilla Squirrel. I have to say Ms Squirrel wins hands down for the most amazing collection of old monkeys. She even has a monkey cupboard for them to live in. But here are my two...
Love them!


  1. I still have the cuddly toys my boys loved to bits (literally, they have been patched so many times!) and my late brother's teddy bear (must be pushing 50). I always wonder how much these old toys were loved to have survived. I'm glad you are rescuing them and hopefully giving them a new lease of life.

  2. I love all these guys but especially my new dolly- she's settling in very well with her new friends! I love your monkeys too - they have the best expressions! X

  3. Where oh where is the little bear with the blue bell, please tell me! x

    1. Hello Woolly Dog, Currently sitting patiently on the dresser at Custard Hall Vintage Shop, Dorchester! I don't know if you're local but if not I do Paypal and post. I think he's £12 or is now anyway! Not that small - about 12" I think. Let me know if you're interested. Ellie x

    2. Hi Ellie, thank you. I think the easiest for both of us is if you just put him in your etsy shop and I can buy him there. I'm in London, moving to Dorset in January! If you want to do something different please contact me by clicking my 'contact me' letters picture on the right hand side of my blog, it takes you through to my email. x

  4. Marmalade is hoping to have hand and foot surgery this weekend. Will be going through the pre-op advice later on today I think. Ms Squirrels' Monkey Cupboard blew me away. That's a serious monkey thing.


  5. I love old toys. The elephant pyjama case is gorgeous. Lovely photos.

  6. You did a fantastic job! Your idea sparked a Christmas feeling for us. Thanks for sharing


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