Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sooty love

A couple of weekends ago Littlest Jammer had a party to go to. We bought a present but I wanted to add a homemade gift. I know her parents love vintage stuff and she's a huge Sooty fan so...
a rummage in my stash and a Sooty lavender pillow was born.
This got me thinking..
 Thinking I've also got that Sooty fabric in blue.
Then look what happened!
a similar one with Noddy on...
 A little while later a collection appeared all backed in matching vintage wool
reminding me of Battenburg cake!
If you're interested there are just a few sitting quietly on the shelves of my etsy shop. There's quite a lot of wastage of very precious fabric making these so the rest will be cushions to make the most of it!
On the non virtual shelves of Custard Hall this month... 
 Squeezing potential presents into every space 
Right up to the roof!
We've got Christmas Cracker Night tonight, so a year since the shop opened! It's been great but sadly probably my last month there. When I look through the lists I've sold loads over the year but financially it's a killer. Whilst I completely understand rents in the town centre are high it's so disheartening to give it all the hard earned pennies back in rent.
So next year you'll still find me at The De Danann Antique and Vintage Centre DT1 1NF where I'm in my 14th year - gulp!!


  1. I am also having to give up my rented space at the end of the year for the same reason...sympathies from Eco Ethel xx

  2. Ellie, your wares look lovely! It's a shame about Custard Hall though :) xxx

  3. Such cute little pillows. I love fabric like that.

  4. ADORABLE.......I bet they loved it! Heidi

  5. That dresser looks so tempting. There's not one thing one it that i wouldn't want to buy. You're such a fantastic crafter.
    Rosie xx

  6. Beautiful things, I love Sooty :) x

  7. Gorgeous fabric and love the sweet lavender pillows. Xo

  8. I think its so sad that rents and overheads are so high that they virtually price independant stores out of business. Your makes are always so beautiful and Sooty holds special memories because my eldest son used to love Sooty!


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