Friday, 22 April 2011

Bridport, here we come!

Well I'm packed and ready for two days of activity in Bridport. First up is a new fair. The Bridport Vintage Fair is being held at St Mary's Church Hall on South St and promises lots of interesting stalls as well as homemade refreshments. Following that I'm back for the monthly Vintage Market down at The Old Albion.

As Mr Jam recuperates I've had a flurry of making in anticipation of the weekend. I even had the eldest Jammer stuffing lavender pillows this morning!

Take a peak at some of my stock I'll be taking...
Crates of Woods Ware Jasmine teasets and dinner services
All stacked and ready to go along with lots of freshly famed Ladybird pictures.
Yesterday I decided it was time to revamp some display shelves I'd bought (yes I really did pay money for them!).

Here they are yesterday evening...

And by this afternoon they'd had a couple of coats of Farrow & Ball Skylight and were ready to show off my wares!

Mr Jam's brother kindly picked up this cute little 'Pony Express' for me and he arrived today!
I have a bit of a thing for Mobos so the question is should he stay and join the family of three already stabled in the attic, or should I sell him? Hmmm, tricky one.
And finally, I've nearly finished a new children's quilt. Just 'done' the corners - my least favourite bit and now just need to sew on the 28 buttons and it's done! Excuse the rather dingy photo in my rather dingy living room.
It's made from a lovely vintage textured children's fabric with a pure wool backing. I think it's suitably spring like and might drag it along tomorrow if I get sewing now!
Keep that sun shining for Sunday, I've heard rumours of rain for heaven's sake!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

New additions

Easter came early for the Jammers. One of our reasons for moving house was a garden with grass for the much wanted guinea-pigs. Imagine our (ok make that 'my') delight when we heard a breeder lived in the street! So off I went a couple of weeks ago to reserve two for Easter. Eldest Jammer had requested a toffee coloured one and Smallest Jammer a beige one!

So last Saturday we all toddled up the road to pick them up... 'Fudge' for the eldest,

'Jack' for the smallest...

...and this cute little grey one for me! Well, they're brothers and it would have been cruel to leave one behind, wouldn't it? No name yet, any suggestions welcomed!

Mr Jam spent last Friday constructing a lovely run for them and just in time to. Little did he know he'd get a call from the hospital on Monday inviting him in for an op on Tues! So plans have changed and we've been busy with 'at home' activities this week whilst we take turns to play nurse.

The Smallest Jammer's drawing is coming on a treat. This is her version of the Pussy Willow design from her curtains.

The longest game of Ludo - ever!

And lots of Simnel Muffins to be decorated.
Just right for busy little fingers!

Now I'm chief lifter and shifter for the next few weeks I thought I'd set this stunning pair of sleigh beds up for a photo shoot. If you're after furniture, all mine has 20% off til the end of the month!

Don't forget the Bridport Vintage Fair on Saturday 23rd and Bridport Vintage Market on 24th April.
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