Saturday, 22 June 2013

A lovely old house

I think this might be my dream house...
I've admired it many a time. This time it looked empty and I pressed my nose to the glass, shielded the light around my eyes and tried desperately to see inside. 
 A few minutes later I bumped into another mum I know who excitedly told me they were hoping to rent a house up the road. I didn't tell her I'd just been taking photos of it!
It is the old Post Office set at the end of this perfectly old fashioned street.
 Look carefully and you'll see it even has authentic horse poo in the road!
If you want to know where this quaint little place is you'll have to pop over to my Emily Button Days Out blog...
Meanwhile, when not dreaming of old houses, I've been listing some vintage sheet t-shirts in my etsy shop


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hedgehog Day

Yesterday we took a little trip to Sherborne in search of a very special creature...
Hedgehogs are the littlest jammer's absolute favourite animal but unfortunately I think she's only glimpsed one once as she's an early to bed kind of girl. When I saw Hedgehog Day advertised at Castle Garden Centre I knew I had to take her!
I'd not been to Castle Gardens before and found it in the grounds of Sherborne Castle.
Nestled in the old walled gardens it is a beautiful setting.
even the hanging baskets were tastefully planted with solid colour.
 As well as rescued hedgehogs there was an albino
 and an exotic hedgehog. There was me thinking a hedgehog was a hedgehog.
We learnt loads including the fact that hedgehogs evolved over 15 million years ago! 
 The Little Jammers did a hedgehog trail,
hunting out 12 little creatures around the garden centre
 to earn a chocolate hoglet.
They drew hedgehogs to enter a competition
and refuelled on hedgehog cake!
  There were hedgehog stories to listen to courtesy of Waterstones.
 They were read on the steps of this lovely shepherd's hut
 which has been loaned by Plankbridge; local makers of stunning huts. It's the mini hut which featured in an award winning garden at the Chelsea Flower Show last year.
Chester the hedgehog warmed his bottom on the tiny stove - perfect!
Thank you to all those who took the trouble to find my Emily Button Days Out blog last week and for your feedback. I shall persevere but time is short this week with many deadlines to meet so that next post will have to stay up my sleeve for now!
Have a lovely week.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Do I need another blog?

That is the question...
 the answer is probably not, but a little idea came to me and I was tempted to try it out.
A weekend outing with the jammers and good old Emily Button got me thinking about the places we go. What makes a good day out for them doesn't have to cost much, might be considered a bit old fashioned and basic for some but I bet there are plenty of kids out there who'd enjoy things as much as my two do.
I thought I'd blog about Emily Button's trips out around Dorset. She or one of her Button family usually end up coming most places with us and they are rather photogenic so I'm introducing
Will you do me a favour and have little look and tell me what you think?
I realise it might have a somewhat limited local appeal but hey-ho I think I'll do a post a week for a few weeks and see if anyone reads it...
In reality 2 blogs, 2 'shops', a serious making addiction and most importantly holding down a proper grown up job looks like a recipe for disaster. The housework went long ago, what next?

Monday, 3 June 2013

I'm back, I missed you!

It's been a long while since I popped into blogland. After a disastrous week with a very poorly arm, a trip to A & E and a disappointing fair we packed our bags and headed off to Spain for half term.
Littlest Jammer was keen Emily Button come too so I obliged and whipped her up a swimsuit from an old pair of pants!
 I didn't realise quite what I'd started. It was announced she'd need a hat too. So I trawled the wonderful world of Ebay and begged the seller to post it quick. A bit on the small side but it arrived the day before we left just in time for a quick trim up.
 Emily and Chester had loads of fun on their first trip abroad and I must say were incredibly well looked after by their little owner who even packed a wooden ice lolly. 
 What did I pack?...
Hmmm. No sewing machine this holiday...
I trawled Molly Makes and decided to make some of the little felt toys that could be hand sewn.
So I went with a pile of felt and as if by magic home came a deer,
a fox and a racoon.
Littlest Jammer bagged this pair for her friend's birthday and took them off to school this morning. Hope she liked them!
Now I'm off to see what you've all been up to over half term.

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