Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hedgehog Day

Yesterday we took a little trip to Sherborne in search of a very special creature...
Hedgehogs are the littlest jammer's absolute favourite animal but unfortunately I think she's only glimpsed one once as she's an early to bed kind of girl. When I saw Hedgehog Day advertised at Castle Garden Centre I knew I had to take her!
I'd not been to Castle Gardens before and found it in the grounds of Sherborne Castle.
Nestled in the old walled gardens it is a beautiful setting.
even the hanging baskets were tastefully planted with solid colour.
 As well as rescued hedgehogs there was an albino
 and an exotic hedgehog. There was me thinking a hedgehog was a hedgehog.
We learnt loads including the fact that hedgehogs evolved over 15 million years ago! 
 The Little Jammers did a hedgehog trail,
hunting out 12 little creatures around the garden centre
 to earn a chocolate hoglet.
They drew hedgehogs to enter a competition
and refuelled on hedgehog cake!
  There were hedgehog stories to listen to courtesy of Waterstones.
 They were read on the steps of this lovely shepherd's hut
 which has been loaned by Plankbridge; local makers of stunning huts. It's the mini hut which featured in an award winning garden at the Chelsea Flower Show last year.
Chester the hedgehog warmed his bottom on the tiny stove - perfect!
Thank you to all those who took the trouble to find my Emily Button Days Out blog last week and for your feedback. I shall persevere but time is short this week with many deadlines to meet so that next post will have to stay up my sleeve for now!
Have a lovely week.


  1. We love hedgehogs too here.This was a lovely post and some fab pictures.

  2. What a great little outing, I'd love to hedgehogs in our garden but I've never spotted one! :) x

  3. We have spotted a few hedgehogs over the years in the garden. I'm always amazed that they enter a garden with so many cats and dogs. I love the first photo - so cute. I never knew there was an exotic hedgehog! This looks like a super day out.

  4. What a gorgeous post, I adore hedgehogs too and love it if I managed to see one. Looks like you have had good family fun on your day out xxx Penny

  5. Gosh you were in MY back garden this weekend!Castle Gardens is just is breathtaking at Christmas and wins all the awards for display.....what a brilliant idea and I am now desperate for a bit of that chocolate hedgehog cake!x

  6. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. I love hedgehogs.

  7. What a lovely day. The hedgehogs are so cute.... I made my daughter the large hedgehog cake for one of her Birthdays when she was small. The children all loved the chocolate buttons. It's still her favorite cake of all time....

  8. What a darling post! Hedgehogs are just the cutest little things! Love the drawing and the desserts too, amazing!

  9. What a fabulous day out this looks to have been. Gorgeous garden centre. My fave? Those hedgehog bakes!
    Hen x

  10. I sat beside a hedgehog myself a few nights ago and he came right up to me. We had a few hedgehogs around when I was young. My brothers were always rescuing injured ones and then we would let them back out when they were well. My poor parents what they put up with!! There wasn't just hedgies but many birds and even a signet.

  11. How lovely. I remember often seeing hedgehogs in the garden as a child but you never seem to see them now. I haven't seen one the whole 12 years I've been in Leeds - maybe it's too urban. What a perfect day out. x

  12. Absolutely lovely post. I feel very sad that we no longer see many hedgehogs around here now. Our garden is perfect for them, but they just don't seem to show up any more.


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