Monday, 10 June 2013

Do I need another blog?

That is the question...
 the answer is probably not, but a little idea came to me and I was tempted to try it out.
A weekend outing with the jammers and good old Emily Button got me thinking about the places we go. What makes a good day out for them doesn't have to cost much, might be considered a bit old fashioned and basic for some but I bet there are plenty of kids out there who'd enjoy things as much as my two do.
I thought I'd blog about Emily Button's trips out around Dorset. She or one of her Button family usually end up coming most places with us and they are rather photogenic so I'm introducing
Will you do me a favour and have little look and tell me what you think?
I realise it might have a somewhat limited local appeal but hey-ho I think I'll do a post a week for a few weeks and see if anyone reads it...
In reality 2 blogs, 2 'shops', a serious making addiction and most importantly holding down a proper grown up job looks like a recipe for disaster. The housework went long ago, what next?


  1. Your mental health??! ;) actually like the concept, entertaining kids shouldn't be expensive, I've been doing it for years! :) x

  2. It's a great idea if you can maintain it!! I've become your first follower! Is Radipole lake the water that runs parallel to Weymouth seafront before you get to the harbour? M x

  3. Oh my it's a great idea, but do you actually have more than 24 hours in your day??? x

  4. It is a great idea but rather you than me! I am having trouble keeping up to the one I have got.I really must buy my granddaughter an Emily, I'm sure she would love her!

  5. I like your Emily button adventures, I grew up in Dorset so love to see where you visit.
    I was in m and s on Monday and saw a display of of Emily's and thought of you !
    Regards penny

  6. have just had a look - I like it, has a bit of an Enid Blyton feel which is no bad thing at all!!!

  7. Jelly Jam, this blog is just delightful and I love Emily Button's adventures and all your cute whimsies.

  8. I think it's a great idea - I'm off to have a look! x


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